Fully Disclothed

For those of you who use Facebook (most of you, then), let me draw your attention to a page on there called Fully Disclothed. 

The page’s own website then says Fully Disclothed is a photography project in the name of self-exposure; it is an invitation for people to disturb their ordinary day-to-day activities and do something they thought they wouldn’t, while doing what they usually do.

This project invites Torontonians –especially those who would never be photographed naked– to be photographed naked in their space, doing their thing – whether that be painting, meditating, or creating internet memes. 

The resulting photos end up here, so these people can know themselves as someone with enough guts to be naked on the internet. In a few words to accompany the photo, they can say what the experience meant to them.

A terrific idea!

fullydisclothed1 fullydisclothed2 fullydisclothed3

I hopped over to the Stonewood Interior Furniture store (not naturist, so proceed with caution) to ‘do my thing’. In real life, some of that is kitchen based, so that’s where you’ll find me in my own version of ‘fully disclothed’ 😉

If you like the concept, why not do your own version of the project and send the photos to me, and I’ll put some of them up on the blog.


Bald, black and in colour

Following on from an earlier post, I spotted another ‘bald’ photograph intended for ‘fine art’ or ‘erotic’ consumption, and decided to replicate it, too.

bald womanb


My grateful thanks to my friend Quaneisha, who opted to lose her hair in order to pose for me.

quaneisha bald_001c



The end of Consuelo’s story

Back in September, during the ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, I also did a ‘Consuelo: the mini series’ trio of posts which you can find (in order) here, here and here.

In case you don’t want to go over it all, a Spanish resident of the urbanisation we visit lives alone. He works by day, comes home, and then strips off to do a couple of hours sunbathing each evening. We know he’s called Juan, and we know him well enough to wave at him.

Last September he had a female guest visit. A girlfriend? A family member? A naturist or textile? We didn’t know.

We named her ‘Consuelo’, which means ‘hope’, and our ‘hope’ was that we’d witness the uncertainty surrounding a public nude debut, through to casual nudity by week’s end. It didn’t happen. While the gentleman of the house continued his evening naturism, ‘Consuelo’ remained resolute dressed on the balcony. Semi-opaque night dresses were the order of the day at breakfast time, and it was easy enough to see the shape of her body through it when the sun was behind her, but never once did she completely disrobe in public, a bikini to the beach being the closest she came to adopting the local beach lifestyle and dress code. Whether she went topless, or nude, at the beach (she visited it alone, the gentleman of the house went shopping). Somehow, we doubt it. Topless on the beach would almost inevitably have meant topless on the balcony, which she didn’t do.

Anyway….we never found out if it was a fleeting visit from a friend, family member (younger sister of the gentleman in question?), a girlfriend or anything else. And then we had to come home! 😦

Generally, in naturist surroundings, it doesn’t take long for people to adopt the lifestyle. 2-3 days maximum. We’ve seen, we’ve even talked to, people whose body language (and actual language) says ‘I could never do that’, but by the end of the 3rd day they’re happily as naked as everyone else.

So…for the sake of closure on Consuelo’s story, I decided that Juan drove her to the railway station, and she caught the train back to Madrid and her textile existence.

consuelo says goodbye_001bcOnce home, she strips naked, and wanders casually from her bedroom to the bathroom, quite unconscious of her nudity in private surroundings.

consuelo bath2_001bc_Sprout_20131117

Sadly, then, the opportunity for her to join the naturist community has passed.


I should note that ‘Consuelo’ was, of course, my ‘alt’, tweaked to resemble ‘Consuelo’ as closely as I could. Mr. Keng has suggested that in a parallel universe, ‘Consuelo’ did, of course, become a fully fledged naturist, confident in her own naked body. We’ll park ‘Consuelo’ for now, and my occasionally used ‘alt’ can be re-configured for future scenarios. 

In the meantime, at Mr. Keng’s suggestion, here’s a final look at Consuelo in her parallel universe.

consuelo fast food stall_001b

Two years of SLN

We celebrate our 2nd birthday next week, the very first issue of SLN being published on November 20th, 2011.

We’ve come some distance in those two years. Some things have worked, some haven’t. We’ve tweaked and developed it and will continue to do so in the future.

And next Friday, November 22nd, the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination (and Aldous Huxley’s death…largely forgotten due to events in Dallas) is my rezzday. Five years since I came into SL! Incredible!

As I’ve said previously, each rezzday, which also comes up towards the end of the year, means a time, for me, to take stock, reflect and maybe tweak things -the blog, my avatar look- just a little.fanny grin and bare it3_001

And I’ve also been taking stock on a couple of non-events in the life of SLN this year. Firstly there was the failure to make SLN10, as a ‘political’ issue, happen for the second time. Secondly, we’d hope to do quite a bit from SL’s version of the ‘Burning Man’ festival, but were denied access prior to its opening, and also during it. I’ve no idea why. Were we meant to register or group join to get access? Either way, it’s water under the bridge now. Pookes was even hoping that we could be involved in it, and run our own ‘Critical Tits‘ event at it. Maybe next year.

And, flicking through the ‘back pages’, I note that the ‘will she, won’t she’ hesitant naturist ‘Consuelo’ (as featured in September’s ‘Postcards from Spain’ series) story was never resolved. Well, I’m going to attempt to resolve ‘Consuelo’s’ hesitancy in a future post, just so we can get ‘closure’ on what appeared to be a week of ‘she’s going to…no she’s not’ balcony activity in Spain back in September.

Finally, for now, my job change, subsequent statutory training and so on are all completed now, and I’m settling back into a groove of free weekends I can devote to enjoying SL and writing the blog on a more regular basis. That’s not to say there won’t be gaps in the future, I will occasionally have to work weekends, but my life is now much more settled where I can enjoy family time, and still grab an hour or two, most days, to work on SLN.timiany_001b


Bald, black and white

I haven’t abandoned my ‘SL Fine Art Nudes’ pages. But it’s difficult to ascertain what meets the criteria of ‘fine (pixellated) art’, sometimes, so I’m not getting to post as much as I would wish on it. And while it’s quite easy to pose a model in a naturist setting, it’s much more difficult to find props, poses and so on that will pose someone ‘erotically’. It’s also difficult to quantify what is ‘erotic’, too, as it’s a very subjective topic.

However, when I saw the photo below online, I knew I had to make some sort of representation of it. There’s just something sexually charged about the photo. I can’t explain it. And that, of course, is the paradigm of what constitutes good ‘fine art’ or ‘erotic’ photos. We all have different tastes.



I looked for ages for some sort of open bathrobe, to get closer to what I thought I might be able to do with a SL replication, but failed. In the end, I have to say I’m very grateful to my model for being brave enough to strip off her hair and go bald for the shoot.

While I’m putting the shots (below) on SLN, it’s my intention to keep looking for suitable robes and poses so I can get closer to what I want in the shoot. Hopefully model Diana agrees to pose for me again.

bald2_001b bald3_001b bald5_001b bald6_001b


You can leave your hat on (in the sun)

Whenever you’re out in hot sun, naturist or not, it’s always advisable to cover your head, as it’s all too easy to end up with sunstroke. Not pleasant.

Today, Pino is modelling a selection of hats that can be found at JFL’s hats.

The baseball cap is an old favourite of everyone, I think, and a very practical piece of headwear in many situations, not least out on the beach.baseball cap_001b

The second one, a soft, nautical styled hat, struck me as being ideal for those who use Eden Naturopolis a lot, with some emphasis there being on the sailing possibilities. How cool might you look behind the controls of your boat in this natty number?soft cap_001b

And finally, not maybe the best ‘naturist’ accessory, but looking cool all the same, is a beanie hat.beanie cap_001b

All three are free group gifts at JFL. There’s a couple of other free hat gifts (not modelled) and, of course, a wide range of purchasable headwear as well.


edited to add: ‘I’ve added a link back to this post on the ‘Naturist Accessories’ page. Ella.

also edited to add: the previous link was broken. I’ve corrected it and it should work now. Ella