Bald, black and white

I haven’t abandoned my ‘SL Fine Art Nudes’ pages. But it’s difficult to ascertain what meets the criteria of ‘fine (pixellated) art’, sometimes, so I’m not getting to post as much as I would wish on it. And while it’s quite easy to pose a model in a naturist setting, it’s much more difficult to find props, poses and so on that will pose someone ‘erotically’. It’s also difficult to quantify what is ‘erotic’, too, as it’s a very subjective topic.

However, when I saw the photo below online, I knew I had to make some sort of representation of it. There’s just something sexually charged about the photo. I can’t explain it. And that, of course, is the paradigm of what constitutes good ‘fine art’ or ‘erotic’ photos. We all have different tastes.



I looked for ages for some sort of open bathrobe, to get closer to what I thought I might be able to do with a SL replication, but failed. In the end, I have to say I’m very grateful to my model for being brave enough to strip off her hair and go bald for the shoot.

While I’m putting the shots (below) on SLN, it’s my intention to keep looking for suitable robes and poses so I can get closer to what I want in the shoot. Hopefully model Diana agrees to pose for me again.

bald2_001b bald3_001b bald5_001b bald6_001b


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