Fully Disclothed

For those of you who use Facebook (most of you, then), let me draw your attention to a page on there called Fully Disclothed. 

The page’s own website then says Fully Disclothed is a photography project in the name of self-exposure; it is an invitation for people to disturb their ordinary day-to-day activities and do something they thought they wouldn’t, while doing what they usually do.

This project invites Torontonians –especially those who would never be photographed naked– to be photographed naked in their space, doing their thing – whether that be painting, meditating, or creating internet memes. 

The resulting photos end up here, so these people can know themselves as someone with enough guts to be naked on the internet. In a few words to accompany the photo, they can say what the experience meant to them.

A terrific idea!

fullydisclothed1 fullydisclothed2 fullydisclothed3

I hopped over to the Stonewood Interior Furniture store (not naturist, so proceed with caution) to ‘do my thing’. In real life, some of that is kitchen based, so that’s where you’ll find me in my own version of ‘fully disclothed’ 😉

If you like the concept, why not do your own version of the project and send the photos to me, and I’ll put some of them up on the blog.


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