The end of Consuelo’s story

Back in September, during the ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, I also did a ‘Consuelo: the mini series’ trio of posts which you can find (in order) here, here and here.

In case you don’t want to go over it all, a Spanish resident of the urbanisation we visit lives alone. He works by day, comes home, and then strips off to do a couple of hours sunbathing each evening. We know he’s called Juan, and we know him well enough to wave at him.

Last September he had a female guest visit. A girlfriend? A family member? A naturist or textile? We didn’t know.

We named her ‘Consuelo’, which means ‘hope’, and our ‘hope’ was that we’d witness the uncertainty surrounding a public nude debut, through to casual nudity by week’s end. It didn’t happen. While the gentleman of the house continued his evening naturism, ‘Consuelo’ remained resolute dressed on the balcony. Semi-opaque night dresses were the order of the day at breakfast time, and it was easy enough to see the shape of her body through it when the sun was behind her, but never once did she completely disrobe in public, a bikini to the beach being the closest she came to adopting the local beach lifestyle and dress code. Whether she went topless, or nude, at the beach (she visited it alone, the gentleman of the house went shopping). Somehow, we doubt it. Topless on the beach would almost inevitably have meant topless on the balcony, which she didn’t do.

Anyway….we never found out if it was a fleeting visit from a friend, family member (younger sister of the gentleman in question?), a girlfriend or anything else. And then we had to come home! 😦

Generally, in naturist surroundings, it doesn’t take long for people to adopt the lifestyle. 2-3 days maximum. We’ve seen, we’ve even talked to, people whose body language (and actual language) says ‘I could never do that’, but by the end of the 3rd day they’re happily as naked as everyone else.

So…for the sake of closure on Consuelo’s story, I decided that Juan drove her to the railway station, and she caught the train back to Madrid and her textile existence.

consuelo says goodbye_001bcOnce home, she strips naked, and wanders casually from her bedroom to the bathroom, quite unconscious of her nudity in private surroundings.

consuelo bath2_001bc_Sprout_20131117

Sadly, then, the opportunity for her to join the naturist community has passed.


I should note that ‘Consuelo’ was, of course, my ‘alt’, tweaked to resemble ‘Consuelo’ as closely as I could. Mr. Keng has suggested that in a parallel universe, ‘Consuelo’ did, of course, become a fully fledged naturist, confident in her own naked body. We’ll park ‘Consuelo’ for now, and my occasionally used ‘alt’ can be re-configured for future scenarios. 

In the meantime, at Mr. Keng’s suggestion, here’s a final look at Consuelo in her parallel universe.

consuelo fast food stall_001b

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