You can leave your hat on (in the sun)

Whenever you’re out in hot sun, naturist or not, it’s always advisable to cover your head, as it’s all too easy to end up with sunstroke. Not pleasant.

Today, Pino is modelling a selection of hats that can be found at JFL’s hats.

The baseball cap is an old favourite of everyone, I think, and a very practical piece of headwear in many situations, not least out on the cap_001b

The second one, a soft, nautical styled hat, struck me as being ideal for those who use Eden Naturopolis a lot, with some emphasis there being on the sailing possibilities. How cool might you look behind the controls of your boat in this natty number?soft cap_001b

And finally, not maybe the best ‘naturist’ accessory, but looking cool all the same, is a beanie hat.beanie cap_001b

All three are free group gifts at JFL. There’s a couple of other free hat gifts (not modelled) and, of course, a wide range of purchasable headwear as well.


edited to add: ‘I’ve added a link back to this post on the ‘Naturist Accessories’ page. Ella.

also edited to add: the previous link was broken. I’ve corrected it and it should work now. Ella

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