The Hafada Piercing

Following on from our postings on body piercings, one reader has informed us that, in SL, he wears a hafada piercing (warning : photos in link NSFW).

The Hafada Piercing is, simply, a piercing through the scrotum.

‘It’s not something I would contemplate in RL’, our correspondent says, ‘but I like the idea of it in SL.’

Judge for yourself.

In its flaccid state, the piercing is almost invisible. Semi-erect or beyond, the piercing -using clit rings- becomes visible. ‘I had to do quite a bit of experimenting with the moving and rotating of the rings to get them to look right, but I do like the effect’.

‘I’d like to further experiment with resizing the clit rings’, reports our correspondent, ‘and maybe being more decorative in that respect’. Note, also, that our correspondent (a European) is wearing a penis in an uncircumcised state, i.e, with a foreskin add-on, something of a rarity in SL.

scrotum piercing_001scrotum piercing2_001


(photos supplied by model)

Edited to add…

The following photograph arrived in my IMs today, rather than (or perhaps as well as) Pookes. As promised when forward the photos above, the reader in question has indeed been experimenting with resizing, duplicating and adding and the photo below demonstrates the current state of genital decoration, with more and further additions promised.

hafada peircingBBI agree with Pookes that, while not necessarily part of ‘traditional’ naturist culture and lifestyle, genital decoration is increasingly visible amongst the naturist community.