SL imitates RL, and SLN reflects RL photography.

I put out an IM to the team last week, asking if they could find some naturist related RL photo online, and then seek to work to reflect that in some posts I could get up today, Sunday.

And they’vre responded magnificently (and we aren’t finished for this weekend yet!) 🙂

I may hold a couple over until next week, or I may pop them up tonight, depending on how my evening goes, but I have to say I’ve had a terrific time today, getting these posted, and it’s a ‘theme’ we may come back to in the future.

What’s your opinion on RL naturist photography sneaking into SLN? Like it? Hate it? Let me know.

I have to say I’ve had no input over the photos chosen. Diane, Harry, Pookes and Barbara have all done their own thing on this, and all have shown different sides to the SL/RL naturist viewpoint.

The photos about to follow were the first I was sent, by Diane, who chose to attempt to replicate a RL photo -although that’s a recurring theme Harry has been doing for quite some time now.

tumblr_mefhqoT8QF1qkpgplo1_1280 judy naked dreams float2_001b


As I say, it’s a theme we’ll return to if you like the idea.

In the meantime…what of Pookes, and the image she chose to replicate in SL? Who would have taken her for an armed robber? 🙂

Will she get out of jail? Will she return to SL any time soon? I guess we’re going to have to wait to find out…


Naked dance, movement, and the naturist movement

Is there a link between naked dance, as it often appears on staage nowadays, and naturism?

I think there is.ed418afc4db0d063ed87f2b25b0fc5f5

Cover of a 1956 edition of British naturist magazine ‘Health & Efficiency’

In its earliest days, naturism was closely linked to the benefits of sunlight, exercise and health. Britain’s leading naturist magazine is called ‘Health & Efficiency‘, for goodness sake! Across Europe and north America, the lifestyle was closely linked to its health benefits. And so some extent, all of that was true. Sunlight did provide health benefits. Exercise (now, as then) does provide health benefits. Clubs promoted themselves as ‘sun and health’ clubs. And sometimes, within them, there remained an emphasis on being active, through swimming, mini-ten, gymnastics and so on. To some extent, that remains the case today. While naturists do like to sun themselves, they also like to indulge in physical activity, which is why the likes of nude-hiking or nude-cycling are popular within the naturist movement.

And sometimes, in this historical context, nude dance was also a form of aerobic exercise (although not called ‘aerobic’ in those days).

It’s probably unsurprising, then, that nudity began to creep into stage dance.

Consider the likes of the Folies Bergeres in Paris, and possibly its most well-known member, Josephine Baker (who was also a spy, for the Allied Forces, during World War 2 in German occupied France).

josephineJosephine Baker

Consider, too, the Ziegfeld Follies of New York. Although they didn’t dance nude on stage, many of the chorus line have become known for appearing nude in a book of photographs by Alfred Cheney Johnston. Entitled ‘Enchanting Beauty’, and published in 1937, it airbrushed the pubic region of the models to keep within the borders of ‘decency’ at the time.


Some of these have, of course, become widely circulated -untouched- in recent years.


‘Treasure’, from Cheney-Johnston’s book ‘Enchanting Beauty’.

Also in Paris were ‘The Bluebell Girls, who performed semi-nude tableaux vivants. By setting themselves onstage, semi-nude, prior to curtain up, it was permissible for them to be there as ‘living statues’, rather than as dancers. As long as they didn’t move, the semi nudity was acceptable.

By the time we reach the late 1960s, stage shows like ‘Oh! Calcutta! featured full frontal male and female nudity onstage.


Eventually, nudity has beome a staple of modern dance, and it’s being argued that it pushes the boundaries of nakedness , although other societal events such as the World Naked Bike Ride, Burning Man and so on have played their part in ‘normalising’ nudity -which, I’ll argue, was never abnormal anyway. On the other hand, there are elements within 21st century that are determined to keep the human body seen as something to remain covered and out of sight. I covered this element of modern life in the now cancelled version of SLN10, but it’s a topic I may return to soon. I’m currently doing a re-write in the hope that I can get it published when SLN10 eventually does arrive at Christmas.

I will argue that there is something warped about many of the people who do oppose social or visible public nudity, as they’re almost exclusively right-wing reactionaries who appear to have no issue with war, death and famine being staples of the TV news, but who explode at the sight of Janet Jackson’s nipple.

nude dance5 nude dance6

Dagmar, who has featured in SLN before as a flamenco dancer, warms up at the bar.

nude dance1 nude dance2 nude dance3 nude dance4
Joined by Rich, he dances, then waits backstage for his cue to return for the finale.

Nude ballet performed at SL’s Blue Moon Theatre. Visit the Ana Mations store, where eight AO’s, including a ballet AO, are available for free until January 1st.


OMG! I don’t believe it!

Incredible as it seems, it rather looks as though they’re fingering Pookes for the Su Casa cafe robbery!

It seems as though she’s been identified by her beaded belt, and has been before a judge already!


From there, she’s been transported directly to jail!


And she’s also made SL’s ‘most wanted’ list!



As I write, Pookes has been transported to a cell.




And….’25 to life’ have been mentioned! 😦



Is this the end of Pookes in SL?



Surely not!



A robbery at Su Casa’s lighthouse cafe!

As many of you will know, the Su Casa lighthouse is where we keep a little SLN online presence. The coffee’s good, they do de-caff, and the croissants and bagels are always fresh. What’s not to like?

Anyway, I’m simply glad I wasn’t online on Sunday afternoon, as it seems they had a robbery, inspired by the photo (below).



Fortunately, it appears the perpetrator didn’t get away with much, as barista Jimmy (who looks positively terrified in the pics below 🙂 ) admitted he never carried a wallet and had cashed up moments earlier!

pookes rifle2_001b

A balaclava-wearing would-be robber demands Jimmy hands over cash!

pookes rifle3_001b

Fortunately, there was only loose change in the till and the robber fled empty handed.

Stay tuned, folks! This is a story we may be coming back to later today, as there’s now a dragnet in operation around Su Casa as the would-be robber is sought!


The photo session

I saw the photo (below) online and it led me to thinking how often I’ve been in the same scenario quite often in world and, sadly, not quite so often in RL, although it is still a scenario I’m happy to report having been in on more than one occasion! 🙂



It’s probably a voyeur shot of some description, although I’m happy to include it here (normally voyeur shots don’t make it onto SLN) because the model and photographer’s faces aren’t straight to camera, and there’s no genitalia on display. It’s probably a typical scene for many who’ve taken naturist holidays, with couples taking photos of each other for private consumption, and a reminder of the heat, the freedom and relaxation a naturist holiday provides.

With that in mind, I decided to do a little photo session to show how things sometimes look ‘behind the scenes’ in the photos I bring you on SLN. I will often use the camera attachment, not because I feel any sense of desperation in making it as real as possible, but because with a camera in my hand it sometimes becomes wholly apparent what we’re doing and we generally get left alone (although some males still, apparently, do still try to strike up conversations with beautiful women clearly posing for me).

Just a job hazard, I suppose.

Anyway…I’ve shown (below) how our scene usually looks, as I get a model to run through poses while I tinker with the light, the location, and other elements.

photosesion2 photosession1 photosession3


Finally, I’ll ‘get it back to my studio’, i.e. I’m offline and doing some post-production, and turn it into the finished article, as shown below.


Despite having a little moan above about passers-by striking up conversations with the model(s) in IM, generally we have the time to get into conversation with strangers. It’s all part of the wonderful aspect of SL sociability, isn’t it? Occasionally, I’ve even persuaded the odd passer by to pose with us. I don’t pay for you to model, but if you happen to bump into myself and one of my models, and do pose for us, I ensure I’ll get a framed photo sent directly to your profile, as it’s maybe something you can hang on the wall of your SL home to remind you of the afternoon your were a nude model in SL! 🙂


The simple things excite!

It’s the simple things in life that excite, isn’t it?

There’s something more magical about watching a sun set into the sea, or rise from it, the smell of freshly mown grass or freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee that just make life worth living. We do not necessarily need to fill our lives with shiny gadgets all the time.

When I saw the item in the photo, a tie-wrapped pareo, I got really excited, as it’s a simple piece of cloth that is pretty much a staple of naturism (and, of course, clothing optional and textile beaches).

Yes, a pareo! I like this one (it’s mesh) because it looks so…real! It really does look as though it has been thrown on and tied quickly across the chest. And that’s meant as a compliment; it really how is we naturists will pop it on for the walk from the beach to our apartments.

You’ll find it at Faboo, who do a range of beachwear, and have some beach related group gifts availble (group join is L$0, and the gifts are L$0).

ella pareo_001b


(I’ve also cross-linked this post into the ‘Naturist Accessories’ page)