A robbery at Su Casa’s lighthouse cafe!

As many of you will know, the Su Casa lighthouse is where we keep a little SLN online presence. The coffee’s good, they do de-caff, and the croissants and bagels are always fresh. What’s not to like?

Anyway, I’m simply glad I wasn’t online on Sunday afternoon, as it seems they had a robbery, inspired by the photo (below).



Fortunately, it appears the perpetrator didn’t get away with much, as barista Jimmy (who looks positively terrified in the pics below 🙂 ) admitted he never carried a wallet and had cashed up moments earlier!

pookes rifle2_001b

A balaclava-wearing would-be robber demands Jimmy hands over cash!

pookes rifle3_001b

Fortunately, there was only loose change in the till and the robber fled empty handed.

Stay tuned, folks! This is a story we may be coming back to later today, as there’s now a dragnet in operation around Su Casa as the would-be robber is sought!


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