Ear Stretching

Reader Jaco got in touch last week, following our posts on body modifications, such as tattoos and piercings.

This isn’t really a ‘naturist’ post, but I thought I would add it anyway, as it may tie in with those of you who are into body modification, and who then use naturist locations around the grid as a platform on which to show off your modifications to full effect.

jaco ear stretch_001bAitui is the location where a new(?) Hud based ear-stretching system can be found. Jaco reports that his cost L$350, and he’s exceptionally pleased with them. I can see why. In the developing world of body modification this is probably a first for SL (unless someone wishes to tell me differently), and while it’s not going to be something I would do, in or out of SL, I think they do look terrific.

Prisoner No.6