Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t something we celebrate in Europe, and the turkeys can heave a sigh of relief until the third week in December! 🙂

However, all of us at SLN would like to wish our north American cousins, friends, fellow naturists and SLN readers a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving for 2013.

Back here in the ‘old world’, those who believe in a Deity tend more to hold ‘Harvest’ suppers at their places of worship, a celebration of the harvest being safely gathered in, and thanks being given to the God you may worship for providing the earth’s bounty.

Celebrating the ‘harvest’ goes back to pagan times, and the word derives from the old English world haerfest, meaning ‘autumn’ (‘fall’, for our north American cousins).

Many societies around the globe have some sort of harvest festival to celebrate a successful growing season, the possible exception being Islam, which -I think, correct me if I’m wrong- considers everything provided to be a gift from Allah.

I guess that Thanksgiving is, in a sense, a culmination of the harvest provided by the earth, by God, by whatever prophet you follow, in the northern hemisphere, and if you’re celebrating it tomorrow, all of us at SLN would like to pass on our very best wishes to you and yours. We hope you have a terrific day!

I know that you in north America will be following this, immediately, with ‘Black Friday‘, the first Friday after Thanksgiving, which traditionally spells the beginning of the Christmas ‘season’. Good luck with your shopping 48 hours hence! 🙂

I shall pass on the ‘shopping’ (it’s what the internet was invented for!) but I hope that many of you have an elongated weekend in which your Christmas begins to feel real.

In the meantime, Tere, a Spanish SL friend, has posed for a naturist Thanksgiving dinner.



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