The photo session

I saw the photo (below) online and it led me to thinking how often I’ve been in the same scenario quite often in world and, sadly, not quite so often in RL, although it is still a scenario I’m happy to report having been in on more than one occasion! 🙂



It’s probably a voyeur shot of some description, although I’m happy to include it here (normally voyeur shots don’t make it onto SLN) because the model and photographer’s faces aren’t straight to camera, and there’s no genitalia on display. It’s probably a typical scene for many who’ve taken naturist holidays, with couples taking photos of each other for private consumption, and a reminder of the heat, the freedom and relaxation a naturist holiday provides.

With that in mind, I decided to do a little photo session to show how things sometimes look ‘behind the scenes’ in the photos I bring you on SLN. I will often use the camera attachment, not because I feel any sense of desperation in making it as real as possible, but because with a camera in my hand it sometimes becomes wholly apparent what we’re doing and we generally get left alone (although some males still, apparently, do still try to strike up conversations with beautiful women clearly posing for me).

Just a job hazard, I suppose.

Anyway…I’ve shown (below) how our scene usually looks, as I get a model to run through poses while I tinker with the light, the location, and other elements.

photosesion2 photosession1 photosession3


Finally, I’ll ‘get it back to my studio’, i.e. I’m offline and doing some post-production, and turn it into the finished article, as shown below.


Despite having a little moan above about passers-by striking up conversations with the model(s) in IM, generally we have the time to get into conversation with strangers. It’s all part of the wonderful aspect of SL sociability, isn’t it? Occasionally, I’ve even persuaded the odd passer by to pose with us. I don’t pay for you to model, but if you happen to bump into myself and one of my models, and do pose for us, I ensure I’ll get a framed photo sent directly to your profile, as it’s maybe something you can hang on the wall of your SL home to remind you of the afternoon your were a nude model in SL! 🙂


The simple things excite!

It’s the simple things in life that excite, isn’t it?

There’s something more magical about watching a sun set into the sea, or rise from it, the smell of freshly mown grass or freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee that just make life worth living. We do not necessarily need to fill our lives with shiny gadgets all the time.

When I saw the item in the photo, a tie-wrapped pareo, I got really excited, as it’s a simple piece of cloth that is pretty much a staple of naturism (and, of course, clothing optional and textile beaches).

Yes, a pareo! I like this one (it’s mesh) because it looks so…real! It really does look as though it has been thrown on and tied quickly across the chest. And that’s meant as a compliment; it really how is we naturists will pop it on for the walk from the beach to our apartments.

You’ll find it at Faboo, who do a range of beachwear, and have some beach related group gifts availble (group join is L$0, and the gifts are L$0).

ella pareo_001b


(I’ve also cross-linked this post into the ‘Naturist Accessories’ page)


Dora Tillier, a hero of naturism

Doria Tillier, a former model and French weather presenter on the Canal+ channel, lost a bet this week.1350702-qui-est-doria-tillier-la-nouvelle-miss-meteo-de-canal

With France trailing Ukraine 2-0 following the first leg of a two-legged play-off match to reach next year’s (soccer) World Cup Finals, she said she would strip naked and present the weather forecast nude if France got through to the finals in Brazil in 2014.

A 3-0 win in Paris earlier this week put France through, 3-2 on aggregate. When Karim Benzema (who plays his club football with Real Madrid) scored to make the match 2-0 to France on the night, and level the tie at 2-2, Tillier began to stress on twitter.


‘F***! I’m started to get stressed’

(alternatively, ‘putain‘ could also translate as ‘Bloody hell!’. The word is almost interchangeable in context, I believe)

And Doria was true to her word, as you can see in this youtube video.

Of course, the French do these things with a certain style, so the channel she works for carted her off to the village of Poil. ‘A poil‘, in French, kind of means ‘only in your hair’, a French equivalent to the English phrase ‘in your birthday suit’. Clever! 🙂


Doria, more properly attired for a French November day, outside the village of Poil.

Before you anxiously click the youtube link, there’s not much to see, due to the programme going out live on prime time French television, and thus was filmed from a considerable height and distance, but at least Doria had the bravery to carry through on her bet. 🙂

Those of us at SLN salute her.

I’m originally from the west of London, but I’m going to make absolutely no promises that, if Fulham (I grew up close to their ground) beat Swansea this forthcoming weekend in the English Premier (soccer) League, I’ll dance naked around one of SL’s safe hubs! 🙂


The Hafada Piercing

Following on from our postings on body piercings, one reader has informed us that, in SL, he wears a hafada piercing (warning : photos in link NSFW).

The Hafada Piercing is, simply, a piercing through the scrotum.

‘It’s not something I would contemplate in RL’, our correspondent says, ‘but I like the idea of it in SL.’

Judge for yourself.

In its flaccid state, the piercing is almost invisible. Semi-erect or beyond, the piercing -using clit rings- becomes visible. ‘I had to do quite a bit of experimenting with the moving and rotating of the rings to get them to look right, but I do like the effect’.

‘I’d like to further experiment with resizing the clit rings’, reports our correspondent, ‘and maybe being more decorative in that respect’. Note, also, that our correspondent (a European) is wearing a penis in an uncircumcised state, i.e, with a foreskin add-on, something of a rarity in SL.

scrotum piercing_001scrotum piercing2_001


(photos supplied by model)

Edited to add…

The following photograph arrived in my IMs today, rather than (or perhaps as well as) Pookes. As promised when forward the photos above, the reader in question has indeed been experimenting with resizing, duplicating and adding and the photo below demonstrates the current state of genital decoration, with more and further additions promised.

hafada peircingBBI agree with Pookes that, while not necessarily part of ‘traditional’ naturist culture and lifestyle, genital decoration is increasingly visible amongst the naturist community.



The Bar Bum

tumblr_mfwi1gIMSg1qbn0f7o1_1280When I saw the image (above) on a naturist blog, I immediately knew I almost could replicate it in SL!

Rounding up German model Zoftig, we headed over to Eden Naturopolis and the beach bar close to their main landing point. Five minutes later, we were done! 🙂 And thus we have yet another in my continuing, occasional series in which SL replicates RL!

zoftig eden_001b


‘She’s the most important thing in my life’

I’m sorry to say I missed the ‘tell me a story’ contest that Exposeur Poses are running.

The remit was to pick up a box of poses at the front entrance (they’re still available, free!) and tell a story with them, across a few photographs.

I’d certainly have been keen to enter had I picked up on this earlier! Perhaps I could have used the cash prize (L$10k) and giftcard (L$5k) to ‘give back’ to the models who’ve so willingly and freely given of their time and patience over the past couple of years. It just goes to show that it’s important to be ‘on the ball’ in respect of these matters!

Never mind. Next year, perhaps! 🙂

Despite missing the cut-off date, and not complying with the contest’s rules (which categorically state ‘no genitals‘! Sorry…we’re a naturist blog after all! 🙂 ) I rounded up models Malgorzata -by now a familiar face in some of my work- and Markus to act out a mini-essay of their day at the beach. Utilising only the poses in the free pack, and another one called ‘Heavy in my Arms’ (L$175), I’ve created a little mini essay that all of you ladies who continually put up with us guys acting like idiots a lot of the time will recognise! 🙂

mal and markus_001bc

‘When she overheard me asking some of the guys to come over to watch the football game, she became quiet and withdrawn’.

mal and markus3_001bc‘You said we could spend the evening together’, she objected, and I guess she was right. I’d said we would buy a DVD and spend the evening cuddled up on the sofa.

mal dive_001bcdBefore I had time to think or react, she headed off for a swim, leaving me to reflect on my own stupidity

mal and markus5_001bcI felt terrible! It’s only a football game, and she’s the most important thing in my life.

mal and markus6_001bc‘I’m sorry, babes’, I told her, ‘I’m just a dumb guy who doesn’t think too much’. Her warm embrace told me I was forgiven until the next time I act like a jerk! 🙂


Fully Disclothed

For those of you who use Facebook (most of you, then), let me draw your attention to a page on there called Fully Disclothed. 

The page’s own website then says Fully Disclothed is a photography project in the name of self-exposure; it is an invitation for people to disturb their ordinary day-to-day activities and do something they thought they wouldn’t, while doing what they usually do.

This project invites Torontonians –especially those who would never be photographed naked– to be photographed naked in their space, doing their thing – whether that be painting, meditating, or creating internet memes. 

The resulting photos end up here, so these people can know themselves as someone with enough guts to be naked on the internet. In a few words to accompany the photo, they can say what the experience meant to them.

A terrific idea!

fullydisclothed1 fullydisclothed2 fullydisclothed3

I hopped over to the Stonewood Interior Furniture store (not naturist, so proceed with caution) to ‘do my thing’. In real life, some of that is kitchen based, so that’s where you’ll find me in my own version of ‘fully disclothed’ 😉

If you like the concept, why not do your own version of the project and send the photos to me, and I’ll put some of them up on the blog.


Bald, black and in colour

Following on from an earlier post, I spotted another ‘bald’ photograph intended for ‘fine art’ or ‘erotic’ consumption, and decided to replicate it, too.

bald womanb


My grateful thanks to my friend Quaneisha, who opted to lose her hair in order to pose for me.

quaneisha bald_001c



The end of Consuelo’s story

Back in September, during the ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, I also did a ‘Consuelo: the mini series’ trio of posts which you can find (in order) here, here and here.

In case you don’t want to go over it all, a Spanish resident of the urbanisation we visit lives alone. He works by day, comes home, and then strips off to do a couple of hours sunbathing each evening. We know he’s called Juan, and we know him well enough to wave at him.

Last September he had a female guest visit. A girlfriend? A family member? A naturist or textile? We didn’t know.

We named her ‘Consuelo’, which means ‘hope’, and our ‘hope’ was that we’d witness the uncertainty surrounding a public nude debut, through to casual nudity by week’s end. It didn’t happen. While the gentleman of the house continued his evening naturism, ‘Consuelo’ remained resolute dressed on the balcony. Semi-opaque night dresses were the order of the day at breakfast time, and it was easy enough to see the shape of her body through it when the sun was behind her, but never once did she completely disrobe in public, a bikini to the beach being the closest she came to adopting the local beach lifestyle and dress code. Whether she went topless, or nude, at the beach (she visited it alone, the gentleman of the house went shopping). Somehow, we doubt it. Topless on the beach would almost inevitably have meant topless on the balcony, which she didn’t do.

Anyway….we never found out if it was a fleeting visit from a friend, family member (younger sister of the gentleman in question?), a girlfriend or anything else. And then we had to come home! 😦

Generally, in naturist surroundings, it doesn’t take long for people to adopt the lifestyle. 2-3 days maximum. We’ve seen, we’ve even talked to, people whose body language (and actual language) says ‘I could never do that’, but by the end of the 3rd day they’re happily as naked as everyone else.

So…for the sake of closure on Consuelo’s story, I decided that Juan drove her to the railway station, and she caught the train back to Madrid and her textile existence.

consuelo says goodbye_001bcOnce home, she strips naked, and wanders casually from her bedroom to the bathroom, quite unconscious of her nudity in private surroundings.

consuelo bath2_001bc_Sprout_20131117

Sadly, then, the opportunity for her to join the naturist community has passed.


I should note that ‘Consuelo’ was, of course, my ‘alt’, tweaked to resemble ‘Consuelo’ as closely as I could. Mr. Keng has suggested that in a parallel universe, ‘Consuelo’ did, of course, become a fully fledged naturist, confident in her own naked body. We’ll park ‘Consuelo’ for now, and my occasionally used ‘alt’ can be re-configured for future scenarios. 

In the meantime, at Mr. Keng’s suggestion, here’s a final look at Consuelo in her parallel universe.

consuelo fast food stall_001b

Two years of SLN

We celebrate our 2nd birthday next week, the very first issue of SLN being published on November 20th, 2011.

We’ve come some distance in those two years. Some things have worked, some haven’t. We’ve tweaked and developed it and will continue to do so in the future.

And next Friday, November 22nd, the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination (and Aldous Huxley’s death…largely forgotten due to events in Dallas) is my rezzday. Five years since I came into SL! Incredible!

As I’ve said previously, each rezzday, which also comes up towards the end of the year, means a time, for me, to take stock, reflect and maybe tweak things -the blog, my avatar look- just a little.fanny grin and bare it3_001

And I’ve also been taking stock on a couple of non-events in the life of SLN this year. Firstly there was the failure to make SLN10, as a ‘political’ issue, happen for the second time. Secondly, we’d hope to do quite a bit from SL’s version of the ‘Burning Man’ festival, but were denied access prior to its opening, and also during it. I’ve no idea why. Were we meant to register or group join to get access? Either way, it’s water under the bridge now. Pookes was even hoping that we could be involved in it, and run our own ‘Critical Tits‘ event at it. Maybe next year.

And, flicking through the ‘back pages’, I note that the ‘will she, won’t she’ hesitant naturist ‘Consuelo’ (as featured in September’s ‘Postcards from Spain’ series) story was never resolved. Well, I’m going to attempt to resolve ‘Consuelo’s’ hesitancy in a future post, just so we can get ‘closure’ on what appeared to be a week of ‘she’s going to…no she’s not’ balcony activity in Spain back in September.

Finally, for now, my job change, subsequent statutory training and so on are all completed now, and I’m settling back into a groove of free weekends I can devote to enjoying SL and writing the blog on a more regular basis. That’s not to say there won’t be gaps in the future, I will occasionally have to work weekends, but my life is now much more settled where I can enjoy family time, and still grab an hour or two, most days, to work on SLN.timiany_001b