Desnuda en España



I’ve mentioned this before, but the Spanish constitution permits nudity anywhere, within reason. Your rights to be naked in Spain are enshrined in the constitution. However, a couple of years ago the Barcelona’s authorities clamped down on this practice, quite simply because holidaymakers were wandering around in swimwear, bikinis, and sometimes even less. So, for the purpose of creating some decorum -a topless male can be frowned upon too, and could face a fine- the right was ‘removed’, although I guess that fining a Spanish person might result in a court case in which their rights under the constitution were discussed at length and in depth.

San Francisco underwent similar legal changes to its citizens rights more recently.



A naked guitar playing avatar exercises his right to be naked in a Spanish styled setting.

It seems that our rights to be naked are slowly being eroded, and probably for the simple reason that some people are a little too militant in their nakedness and the authorities mitigate against all of us who practice naturism. Even within SL I feel we have a responsibility to act responsibly regarding avatar nudity. Not everyone wants to see it, and some sims remain PG, so please exercise caution each time you click on the ‘take off clothes’ button. 🙂


Photographers photographed

Harry pointed me at a couple of photos online which show naturists using cameras, and suggested that, for a bit of fun, the two of us -SLN’s photographers- should swap our places behind the cameras and go out front, with cameras shown in the resulting photographs. I though it would be an interesting ‘job swap’ for a while and so we’ve been working on the following little photo-essay over the course of a couple of weeks. Inspiration comes from the following three RL photographs.

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diane no2 harry2 composite


Photos by Harry Leistone and Diane Toxx