And one of the world’s top naturist destinations is……Ireland?

I’ve been sitting on this one for a week or so, while I IM’ed Fionnuala, an Irish naturist we profiled away back in Issue 4, I think (it’s late, I’m tired, and I’m off to bed, so I’ve neither the time or inclination to check! 🙂 )

Anyway, I read that one of the world’s potential top naturist destinations is -make that ‘could be’- Ireland.

fionnuala ireland_001bHappily, Fionnuala agreed to pose for us again, this time at the Giant’s Causeway. Yes, yes, I know the Giant’s Causeway is in Northern Ireland and thus, strictly speaking, part of the United Kingdom…but it’s in Ireland, and there’s a reason for me asking Fionnuala to pose there, simply because it has a history of naturism, after a fashion.


Yep, Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy album sleeve (1973) was photographed in the same place.

Anyway, Ireland’s a beautiful country which I’ve visited on a few occasions, and it would be terrific to see it become -weather permitting- a naturist destination of choice, regardless of the fact that Irish law does not recognise naturism.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Ireland remains the only country in Europe which does not have one single officially recognised naturist beach.


nb…and this post is the 600th post on the SLN site. I’ve been having a blast over the past two years of doing it, and look forward to the next two years and next 600 posts! 🙂

Sssh! Don’t tell anyone

Sssh! Keep it quiet, but I’ve bought the SL staff mopeds for Christmas. Well, they’re called mopeds in Britain. They may be called something else…scooters or such like, where you live, motorised bicycle in Japane, or motorower in Poland, I do believe.

And I don’t want you to tell them because a) it’s a big Christmas surprise 🙂 and b) they cost L$0 each! You can buy them yourself here, courtesy of Prefabrica, on the marketplace.

And what have they to do with naturism?

Well…you’d be surprised how popular they are in some naturist circles, in place like Cap D’Agde, the larger French, wooded, campsites and also in Croatian naturist resorts. For some, it appears that a moped lashed to the back of a motorhome is essential kit, to be unpacked and then used as a form of ‘local transport’ while your motorhome is hooked up to the water & electricity supplies of the camp site. So I would regard them as being a familiar sight in European naturist locations.

And as they’re a cheap, affordable mode of transport for many teenagers around the Mediterranean, you’ll often see them arrive on such a machine before marching down to spend a day at a naturist (or textile) beach.

I have to say that these would be enormous fun to ride around some of SL’s naturist (and textile) sims, and so I’ve got my SL & RL Spanish friend Mercedes (who I introduced to SL, incidentally), to pose beside one. And for those of you who care about this sort of stuff, Mercedes’ other mode of transport is a….er….Mercedes. 🙂

I’ve been on her moped and in her car. Sadly, I’ve not had the thrill of naked mopeding yet, but I live in hope.

mercedes with scooter_001b