A beautiful landscape

SL has some beautiful naturist sims, but I have to say that most don’t remind me, in the main, of anywhere I’d know in RL. Sure, Blue Lagoon has geographical echoes of Cap D’Agde’s harbour, and Su Casa has parts that remind me of Arnaoutchot in France. And that’s fine. Neither are meant to be absolutely accurate manifestations of anywhere in the real world. SDI probably has some elements of Agde’s RL dunes 😦

Anyway, I hopped over to the Otium sim this afternoon -I’m not sure how I ended up there- but I have to say that it was more immediately reminiscent of some naturist locations I’ve visited in RL, just by way of the presence of rocks on the beach, the dune grass at the back of the beach and so on.

In some senses it was a little bit Vera Playa. In others, a little bit Croatia. In others, a little bit Morfa Dyffryn in Wales. Or Studland in Dorset.

And, in a sense, it was also reminiscent of one of those wild, remote beaches where we’ve all just felt the urge to strip off, far from the madding crowds (if we want to extend the Dorset/’Wessex‘ notion of Thomas Hardy’s imagined England).

Of course, the instant I tp’ed into Otium, I got notice that nudity wasn’t permitted. Often, this doesn’t deter our intrepid models and photographers, or myself, but as there were a number of people also enjoying the sim, I felt I should err on the side of discretion, and limited myself to taking landscape shots while a stiff breeze swept in off the ocean. Brrrr!

landscape1_001 landscape2_001 landscape3_001 landscape4_001 landscape5_001


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