Naked ice skating? It’s something I must try real soon.

SLN publisher Howie sent me an IM to say he’d got a note from Eden to say they’ve set up an ice rink at the Eden Yacht Club. I’ve been busy with RL, and doin some editing for SLN today, so I’ve not got in world.

Still, a couple of photos uploaded to the library from Howie gives a flavour of what to expect, and I have to say it looks like it will be great fun. I hope to try this out some evening this week.

eden ice rink_002b eden ice rink2_001b


I’ll do a fuller report when I get over there.


Unwrap me!

Last year, we did our ’12 Babes of Christmas’ series, one per day, leading up to Christmas Eve.

Our babes -who can be male as well as female 😉 – posed in wintry settings as the Big Day drew ever nearer. And we’ll be doing the same this year too, so watch out for that from next week.

I was going to retain this one for Christmas Eve, but I’ve decided that it makes more sense to let you know about it now, as you may well want to pick up this nice ‘wrapping” before Christmas Day itself.

unwrap me 6_001c

You can pick this ribbon ‘outfit’ (is it an outfit?) up here, and it’s L$0. Wow! Which might just be what your significant other says when he gets to unwrap you over Christmas.

While not strictly naturist, it’s certainly Christmasy, and you’ll be in a naturist frame of mind when he undoes that big bow! 🙂


Bags of naturist style!

I don’t go entirely mad with clothes in SL. After all, I generally spend much of my time in naturist sims 🙂

But if I see something I particularly like, I’ll buy it.

What does excite me, though, are add-ons that enhance the realism of that virtual naturist existence.

Over at Kowloon there’s currently a tote bag ‘sale’ (they’re all priced at L$0), and I know I often end up heading to the beach with similar items packed with the day’s essentials. (You know this! I’ve told you before on at least a couple of occasions!)

shameless bags_001b shameless bags2_001b shameless bags3_001b


Looks like we’ve caught model Jess heading for a nice Sunday lunch on a boat at Shameless Beach (part of the Eden Estate).

It looks magnificent (all of Elbag & Brenda’s work is uniformly excellent!) which is why the first photo is more of an ‘overview’ of its harbour, as opposed to a focus on Jess or her accessories. You can see them more clearly in photos 2 & 3. Jess is wearing two examples, the first being filled with her lunch, a baguette peeping out of the top of it. I’m guessing the second bag, in the style of Mondrian, holds her towel, sunglasses, a pareo and all of the other bits we carry with us to a beach.