Bags of naturist style!

I don’t go entirely mad with clothes in SL. After all, I generally spend much of my time in naturist sims 🙂

But if I see something I particularly like, I’ll buy it.

What does excite me, though, are add-ons that enhance the realism of that virtual naturist existence.

Over at Kowloon there’s currently a tote bag ‘sale’ (they’re all priced at L$0), and I know I often end up heading to the beach with similar items packed with the day’s essentials. (You know this! I’ve told you before on at least a couple of occasions!)

shameless bags_001b shameless bags2_001b shameless bags3_001b


Looks like we’ve caught model Jess heading for a nice Sunday lunch on a boat at Shameless Beach (part of the Eden Estate).

It looks magnificent (all of Elbag & Brenda’s work is uniformly excellent!) which is why the first photo is more of an ‘overview’ of its harbour, as opposed to a focus on Jess or her accessories. You can see them more clearly in photos 2 & 3. Jess is wearing two examples, the first being filled with her lunch, a baguette peeping out of the top of it. I’m guessing the second bag, in the style of Mondrian, holds her towel, sunglasses, a pareo and all of the other bits we carry with us to a beach.


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