1950s style

When I saw the photo below online, I knew it was another of those occasional ones I try to do to recreate, to some degree, in the context of SL.

50s style


While I couldn’t find a trio of hair-rolled girls to pose, I did manage to get SL friend Annie -a 1950s obsessionist- to don her curlers and pose in a 1950s styled house, in a partial recreation of the photo above.

1950s style1_001b


I think this probably fits well within the broad spectrum of ‘fine art erotica’, as much as we can produce it in SL. There’s something innocent and sexy about Annie posed in a ’50s kitchen. Talking of ‘fine art’, I’ve been sieving through this year’s back catalogue of photos, and I’ll be putting a bumper post of ‘fine art’ styled SL nude photographs up on the SL fine arts blog over Christmas. I’ve found that it’s such a wide topic that it’s hard to really get a finger on its pulsebeat. Perhaps when I get that post up (I’ll ask Ella to announce it here) you, the reader, can give me some input as to what you think qualifies as SL erotica/fine art.


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