The 12 Babes of Xmas

12 days of christmas No.1


As with last year, we’re doing the 12 babes of Xmas series leading up to the Big Day itself. (No.12 will be published on Christmas Day). I think -I haven’t checked, for reasons that will become clear in a moment or two- we began it on the 13th last year, rather than the 14th, and concluded on Christmas Eve. We’re going to run it a day later this year, and conclude on Christmas Day.

Of course, having been out posing for Harry & Diane to be featured in one of the photos myself, I’ve ended up with a particularly nasty RL cold, and pretty much collapsed into an armchair when I got home last night, and got curled up to watch some movies on DVD, something I almost never do. And I don’t feel any better today, so once again I’ve curled up in a chair, wrapped up warm, and have Mr. Keng bringing me hot lemon and honey drinks to ease my raw throat. If I can manage it, I may manage to make it to the local leisure centre later today to use their sauna. I’m an enthusiast of saunas at times such as these, and sweating a cold out of oneself.

Aching limbs, a cough, constant sneezing, every joint hurting, and a raw throat, the best that can be said of it is that it hasn’t happened over the Christmas period and I should be fully mended by then. 🙂

Anyway…here we go with the posts leading up to Christmas, and a flurry of SLN activity. SLN 10, long delayed, will be with you on Christmas Day itself, so even if you’re involved with family over Christmas, and unable to get in world, I hope we’ll have something for you to read in the post-holiday period.