Naked Protest

Following on from my posting on a protest in Rio, and the criminalising of topless women on the beach, I thought it might be useful to add a further post on the history of naked protest.

Naked protest is a tactic that has long been used where it becomes possible to suddenly make a protest much more interesting to the media and, thus, the general public. Many, many protests have achieved wider coverage by the protestors being naked and, suddenly, thrust into the media spotlight.


People protesting against cuts in AIDS aid, which they (rightly) suggest will lead to more AIDS-related deaths.

In the past week we’ve seen Uganda pass anti-mini skirt laws, which reminded me that a similar ban in a Hungarian University a few weeks ago resulted in a nude protest against that ban.

I’m not sure I quite understand how the Ugandan law will work, worded to outlaw ‘showing parts of the body designed to cause sexual excitement’. Badly worded legislation. I imagine the foot fetishists -apparently a reasonably common form of fetishism- out there are still getting excited. 😦


Pookes support’s PETA’s campaign for the ethical treatment of animals

The power of naked protest is the same as it has always been, because the power of the image, either real or reproduced via film or digital means, remains as strong as it ever did; because it’s beyond ‘normal’ dress codes (however we might define them).

Currently, the most visible global ‘naked protest’ movement is arguably the WNBR, the World Naked Bike Ride. I am aware that there is a SL group, the SLNBR or Second Life Naked Bike Ride, in existence, but as far as I’m aware they’ve not organised a proper Naked Bike Ride in Second Life, although we’ve reported on avatars who have undertaken solo rides, in Second Life, in support of the real life versions. Perhaps this is something that could be done in SL in 2014. I hope so. If there’s anyone out there who’d like to organise it, let us know, we would give you our full support and probably participate in it.

zoftig pablo bike3_001
wo avatars photographed by Harry at the time of the European WNBR rides (June 2013)

jim bike3_001b_Sprout_20130828

Avatar Jim takes to SL’s roads at the time of the WNBR rides, June 2013 (photo Harry Leistone)

steffi bike_001b

Avatar Steffi arrives to take part in a WNBR-styled photoshoot in June 2013.

jim bike_001b_Sprout_20130828b

Avatar Jim sets off on a solo WNBR ride in June 2013


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