Neck Rings

I’m sure you’ve all seen photos of neck rings worn by the Kayan women of Myanmar, and also the Ndebele women in Africa.

Over at Emotions hair mall they’ve got a lovely jewellry set which, if you’re keen on attempting to live a ‘tribal’ sort of life -which would often contain some element of nudity- or a Gorean lifestyle (ditto), thenthese may appeal.

Our friend Nabila, who does try to live a SL part of the time in a ‘tribal’ kind of setting, has done just that, and has posed for us while wearing the neck rings (plus bracelets and ear rings).

Not remotely naturist, but may appeal to some who wish to live an alternative SL lifetyle, in a tribal kind of setting, to add some autenticity to the look.

nabila neck rings_001b



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