SLN 10 The New(d) Avatar.

I dropped into Shameless Beach last Saturday, during a whistle stop tour of as many SL naturist sims as I have in landmarks, as elsewhere in this issue you’ll find a roundup of current SL naturist locations. And I happened on Kel, still in her ‘noob’ skin and clothes and not much more than 10 minutes old, in SL, by the time I chanced on her. newd avatar1

Kel (left) and Ella (right) at Shameless.

Because it’s Christmas, a time of giving, and because I remember my own first steps in SL all those years ago, when a total stranger gifted me L$250 ‘to get me started’, a gesture I’ve never forgotten, I decided I’d gift Kel my time for a couple of hours, and get her started in the wonderful trip that is SL!

We started at Hush skins, got her to join the group, and fixed up with a lovely looking group gift ‘holiday skin’. And the newb walk? It had to go! In fact, I remember the same words being said to me on one of my first days in SL. It’s probably a fantastic time to join SL, as the numerous hunts and gifts make it possible to sexify (is there such a word?) a new avatar.newdavatar3

And, of course, I pointed Kel in the direction of the Fab Free blog, which covers quite a bit of ‘Under 30 days’ avatar gifts she can check out in her own time. Not to be sniffed at, either, is the SL Daily Wire site, an aggregator of SL blog pages, and links to numerous free, dollarbie and paid items. It’s one I check often. We talked as we sim-hopped, and it turned out Kel’s presence in Shameless wasn’t accidental. A lifelong naturist from a French, naturist family, Kel had just discovered the search facility on her avatar’s dashboard(s) and had done a search for naturist locations in SL. We tried to pick up some hair for Kel at Emo:tions, but the lag was awful, on account of what was their ongoing advent calendar giveaway, so we tp’ed out and headed in the direction of Amacci, where Kel picked up a free hair style, their ‘Adena’ style, free physics, hair bases and a face light, all for L$0. Excellent.

By now, she was also beginning to look less of a newb. After that, it was off to Anne’s Hangout, where we picked up an AO for her at L$0. All beginning to look good now! 🙂 A ‘2014’ cropped tank (L$1) on the marketplace added a bit of style to proceedings, matched up with the inventory ‘girl next door’ jeans, which I still think look terrific, and Kel was now really looking the part.newdavatar5

Of course, one bit of bad luck -Emotions lag- meant that the crowd (and lag) at Truth Hair was less than it usually is, so we picked up some hair Kel liked, and let her try that out. L$245 lighter, and after some tweaking with the shape of her avi, Kel looked great, so we headed back to Shameless for the ‘after’ photo in a ‘before and after’ shoot.newdavatar10_001bnewdavatar6_001b

What do you think, Kel?

Kel, happily, was delighted with a look she’d achieved for next to nothing and just a little bit of ‘old hand’ help. I launched a couple of dozen landmarks at her inventory box and bid her farewell, for the time being, knowing that wherever she goes in SL, she’s going to look terrific.

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