SLN 10 The year in review (an editorial of sorts)

Well…we’re only days away from putting 2013 to bed, and looking forward to 2014.

And as usual we’ve seen changes in SL’s naturist community, with the arrival and departure of some sims, and the slow evolution of others. And when I say ‘slow’, that’s not meant to be criticism, but praise. I like the fact that some sims -and I’m thinking specifically about Eden Naturopolis here- undertake change in a slow, measured way. So they’ve added Shameless Beach, the Blue Lagoon and, in the run up to Christmas, a (temporary) ice rink. Just the right pace of change! It’s how it would more or less happen in RL, with the development of areas and the expansion of facilities. Shameless and Blue Lagoon do just that, and the ice rink would be something that some locations in RL, New York for example, and probably many Alpine towns, would set up as a focal point for their winter markets. So bravo, yet again, to Brenda and Elbag for their well thought out, and considered, approach to naturism.barbara and harry su casa_001b

If we were running an SL ‘Naturist People of the Year’ Award, I’m guessing they’d win it (again!).pippa sweden2_001b

The exciting thing about Eden is that there’s a sense of semi-autonomy in some of the locations dotted around the estate. Blue Lagoon and Teresa’s Naked Dreams are both examples, wonderful examples, of people being able to create something which stamps their own personalities on a build, while remaining true to Eden’s overall ethos.diane turtle_001b

Su Casa, where the SLN ‘office’ (yes…it’s a laptop at a table outside the lighthouse cafe) is located, remains a favourite for obvious reasons. It’s ‘home’, for a start, and it also has a superb, gentle feel to it, busy but not crowded. I spend ludicrous amounts of time doing SLN out of world, more than being in world, but when I do get some proper SL time, a wander around Su Casa is generally the first action of the day.ella shameless4_001b

Lupe’s is another popular naturist location, and it’s easy to see why thanks to its beautiful, wooded build, and a sense that it’s a labour of love. There’s no sense of it having any commercial intent. It just exists for the enjoyment of others. When I first started in SL there were many sims like that, built just for the sheer hell of it, but the recession killed many of those kinds of builds off, with people belt-tightening in relation to where their disposable income went, so it’s beautiful to see Lupe’s just exist because it can in a glorious woodland setting.mal howies apartment2_001b

In essence, it has been another vibrant year where SL naturism is involved, a slow evolution rather than revolution. Quietly changing sims, developing sims, people understanding what they’re doing with their sims and doing it brilliantly. There is a ‘hardcore’ of naturist sims now, achieving the sort of level we, SL’s naturists, demand and admire. We wish them all continuing success in 2014.

pookes lupes2_001

We hope you’ve enjoyed 2013’s naturism in SL. We hope you’re, like us, looking forward to more of the same in 2014.


3 thoughts on “SLN 10 The year in review (an editorial of sorts)

  1. I would just like to wish The SL Naturist and all its readers and supporters a wonderful New Year! Thank you for your informative articles and updates on the SL Naturist world. Once again, a brilliant job by Ella and the team! If anyone has time to spare, feel free to drop into Naked Dreams and experience my new scuba dive features, one to the ill fated SS Nudita. It’s worth a look! Again my best wishes for the coming year ahead!

  2. Thanks Teresa. We LOVE your builds here at SLN! Particularly we like the quirky little things it’s necessary to do a bit of exploration for, such as underwater viewing platforms which open up entirely new, jaw-droppingly beautiful vistas.

    As Teresa says, folks, check out Naked Dreams. I’ll certainly get some of the team to drop by and do some scuba diving, as it’s not something we’ve covered recently in SLN (although we did do a scuba diving post quite some time ago).


    Continued success with ‘Naked Dreams’, Tess, and a Happy New Year from us, to you!


  3. Hi Ella, thanks for the notional “SL ‘Naturist People of the Year’ Award”. It’s so nice to be appreciated! We have had a fantastic year at the Eden Naturist Estate in 2013 and it ended in a spectacular fashion with a Winter Fair Festival and Ice Rink set at the Eden Yacht Club for all naturists to enjoy. We even broke the unofficial record for having the maximum number of naturist skaters on the ice at the same time – all skating in a circle in unison Check out our Eden blog for more information! (The Rink is there until the end of January, so still time to come over and grab some free skates and a handful of hot chestnuts!). Oh, and just to point out that the couple in the photo isn’t actually Elbag and myself. I can let you have our official Christmas card photo, if you wish. Just give me a shout!

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