SLN10 The 2013 shoots out takes

12 babes george2_001b_Fotorjelena3_001bphotosession4amaliya4_001bcabi2_001 copyanne3_001b_Sprout_20130826anton new look_001_Sprout_20130825aynelle sweden7_001barbara painting_001bbirjina surf5_001chestnut pool ring_001eva hoyse evening sun_001b gabrielle4_001b heffti freud4_001choney5 rainmal santa2 with gabby10_001bcmonika and seosaimhin7_001pablo and pippa_001bslattern photo session orgy island9_001vajeena thong2_001rilrrn topless tuesdays3_001bI’m going to be ‘overhauling the decks’ during this time of decking the halls, tra-la-la-la-la….which means the entire year’s photoshoots will be archived. We have literally hundreds of unused photos gathered over the course of 2013, and it’s time that we made some hard-drive space in anticipation of 2014.

It seems a shame to not use some of them, which look fab! So in advance of a clearout, and because many can’t be used except at this time of year, I’ve opted to gather a bunch together, for no other reason than we can. 🙂 No story, nothing holding them together in a theme. Just photos Harry & Diane have taken, sometimes even in their raw state.

george12 days_001 wendy7_001

For each one published there still remains 99% ‘unpublished’ photos. I’ve sifted through many of them and popped up my own personal favourites. And, note, it demonstrates -not always apparent on the blog- that Harry & Diane don’t just confine themselves to nude photography.


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