Mesh Nipples

Nipples and the surround areolas, as we all know, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. So it’s terrific to find that my SL friend Beck has a set of mesh nipples, on the marketplace, which may help you to tweak the realism level on your avatar to new heights. And, unlike some I’ve bought in the past, these are devastatingly simple to fix and position.


I still need to do a little tweaking on the right one, but I left it slightly away from my body so you can see just how they supperbly blend in with the skin. Not fitting it ‘perfectly’ seemed to demonstrate, for the purposes of the photo, the excellent ‘blend’ between skin and nipple itself better, in my view. These are the ones that best suited my skin colour, and better reflect my RL than the ones that are on the skin I wear. So…attachment limits permitting, I’ll be sporting these around the grid for the foreseeable future. They come in a variety of four different colours that can match your skin tone and nipple type.

And in case you’re thinking ‘that doesn’t look like you’, be aware that I’m sporting a new hairstyle from Truth, as I’ve just begun a post-Christmas spending binge in advance of a slightly tweaked look for 2014. Yes, as I’ve said before, I do like to do a little updating of the avatar at the beginning of each year…and why not begin now! 🙂

I like this hair as it gives me a kind of ‘post swimming, still wet’ look.


One thought on “Mesh Nipples

  1. Good to see from the site’s stats that there’s a healthy ‘click through’ onto Beck’s Marketplace page.

    If you’re thinking about mesh nipples, I don’t think you can go wrong with these, PARTICULARLY for the ease of fitting them, as well as looking fabulous! 🙂


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