Orgasmastore/Sex in the Clouds

I’m not sure if you know of its existence, but Orgasmastore features a lot of furniture for your SL home, many with intimate poses included. There’s also a ‘free sex area’ -Sex in the Clouds.

I popped along there this morning, not for sex, however ‘frisky’ I was feeling, hahaha, but because I picked up the head towel (shown) on the marketplace, in advance of doing a photo session with Harry (see below) and we were thinking of a series of photos from a ‘morning bathing’ perspective, and this store seemed ideal.

pookes bathroom_001b pookes bathroom2_001b pookes bathroom3_001b pookes bathroom4_001b pookes bathroom6_001b

There’s dozens of different bedroom sets to choose from to add to your SL home, and they appeared (I didn’t try or test) to all contain intimate poses 😉 .

towel head

Incidentally, the set was inspired by a photo (above) Harry found, and suggested I pose for in his occasional ‘SL replicates RL’ series. In the end -Harry was unavailable when I was zooming around the Orgasmastore sim- so I took the photos myself and didn’t try to replicate the pose. Harry and I may get around to doing the ‘head with towel wrapped around in early morning sun’ pose at a later date.


Ella adds: That’s a familiar look for me, post-shower, most summer mornings, and almost definitely my morning cup of tea look when in Spain!

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