Spencer Tunick

You all know Spencer Tunick, yes? He’s famous for producing ‘human installations’ all over the world, featuring multiple nudes of ordinary, everyday people, all striking a similar pose. I think his work is fabulous!

616249-spencer-tunick Spencer_Tunick_035 Spencer-Tunick-vineyard


Anyway, Harry & Diane have been plotting that we, the naturists of SL, should consider a similar undertaking. Obviously ‘hundreds’ isn’t do-able (the lag would be horrendous), but we’re hoping to do something on a smaller scale in 2014. Maybe small groups, half a dozen or so, maybe 20-30…it depends on the lag…in 2014.

Now…we’d like to undertake this, or these, shoots in both naturist and non naturist sims. So if you’re a sim owner who might like to have some sort of Tunick styled event on your land…let us know. Similarly, if your a pose builder, and you’d like to design a (free) pose that you think would fit into the style of Tunick’s work, please get in touch. We’ll give that pose away in advance of the shoot, and you can give it away at your store and (hopefully) get some traffic feed-through as a result.

We’ll also be contacting photo studios to see if they would like to become involved in setting up some sort of backdrop that might aid the production of this work.

If you imagine we’re ‘thinking small’, you’d be right. Because (have I mentioned ‘lag’?) the lag will be the determining factor in all of this.

Anyway…Tunick started small; I remember one of the really early works was just three girls in Hong Kong or Tokyo or somewhere in the Far East. And this (below) is one of his more recent works, showing he can still ‘downsize’ where the geography -in this instance a foot bridge in Amsterdam- demands it.


So we aren’t necessarily determined by huge numbers of participants.

Gallery owners, and other photographers too, we’d like to get involved. Our aim is to get photographs of the event, or even allow individuals to round up their own friends, take a pic, and submit it to a gallery ‘showing’, some time in 2014, so that we can hold a display of the pics that are submitted. And maybe all ‘for sale’? In aid of one of the charities favoured by SL (on this note, and from this distance, October 2014 looks like a good date, tied to various ‘pink ribbon’, breast cancer charities in ‘Breast Cancer month’.

Lots to think about…and this can’t be a ‘solo’, SLN on its own styled ‘event’. We need collaborators. So, please, get in touch with your ideas.