New Year’s ‘Eve’ (2)

Yesterday, I began an ‘upgrade’ of my alt, Eve, someone I don’t use much, as I explained in yesterday’s post.

However, she’s there in case of emergency (no photographers or willing models around), and so I decided to tweak her for 2014 use, if necessary.

I settled on a L$500 budget, and I know from experience that I could pretty much get her quality skins (say, Belleza) and quality hair (Damselfly, Emotions, Truth) and be inside budget. But to make it a little more ‘fun’, I’ve decided that I won’t use those stores I’m familiar with, and maybe see if I can make Eve ‘hot’ using skins or hair from stores that aren’t immediately on my radar.

Come with me, while we attempt to make Eve the hottest naturist babe on the grid! 🙂

In the end, L$500 wasn’t necessary. Aeva/Heartsick are doing discounted skins on the marketplace, so I managed to pick this delightful skin up for just L$10!!!!!


And after an exploration of some uninspiring hair salons, I opted to go back to Dura, which I’ve used before, but not for Ella’s ‘everyday’ look by any stretch of the imagination and pulled the style you see in the photos, in a ‘cherry’ colour -just to make Eve substantially different- for L$120.eve 2014b_001b

So…total spend on Eve, over the course of two nights shopping, came to L$132! 🙂

See? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look great in SL. Newbies who may be reading this, take note!eve 2014_001b

Granted, male skins and hair will be harder to come by if I opt to upgrade ‘Adam’, but I think that’s an adventure we may well leave until later in 2014.

In the meantime, I can put ‘Eve’ back in the cupboard, knowing she can (and probably will) be rolled out around May/June time, when I get my next naturist holiday. I can’t wait! It’s going to be a marvellous, naturist year, in and out of SL.


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