Spencer Tunick

You all know Spencer Tunick, yes? He’s famous for producing ‘human installations’ all over the world, featuring multiple nudes of ordinary, everyday people, all striking a similar pose. I think his work is fabulous!

616249-spencer-tunick Spencer_Tunick_035 Spencer-Tunick-vineyard


Anyway, Harry & Diane have been plotting that we, the naturists of SL, should consider a similar undertaking. Obviously ‘hundreds’ isn’t do-able (the lag would be horrendous), but we’re hoping to do something on a smaller scale in 2014. Maybe small groups, half a dozen or so, maybe 20-30…it depends on the lag…in 2014.

Now…we’d like to undertake this, or these, shoots in both naturist and non naturist sims. So if you’re a sim owner who might like to have some sort of Tunick styled event on your land…let us know. Similarly, if your a pose builder, and you’d like to design a (free) pose that you think would fit into the style of Tunick’s work, please get in touch. We’ll give that pose away in advance of the shoot, and you can give it away at your store and (hopefully) get some traffic feed-through as a result.

We’ll also be contacting photo studios to see if they would like to become involved in setting up some sort of backdrop that might aid the production of this work.

If you imagine we’re ‘thinking small’, you’d be right. Because (have I mentioned ‘lag’?) the lag will be the determining factor in all of this.

Anyway…Tunick started small; I remember one of the really early works was just three girls in Hong Kong or Tokyo or somewhere in the Far East. And this (below) is one of his more recent works, showing he can still ‘downsize’ where the geography -in this instance a foot bridge in Amsterdam- demands it.


So we aren’t necessarily determined by huge numbers of participants.

Gallery owners, and other photographers too, we’d like to get involved. Our aim is to get photographs of the event, or even allow individuals to round up their own friends, take a pic, and submit it to a gallery ‘showing’, some time in 2014, so that we can hold a display of the pics that are submitted. And maybe all ‘for sale’? In aid of one of the charities favoured by SL (on this note, and from this distance, October 2014 looks like a good date, tied to various ‘pink ribbon’, breast cancer charities in ‘Breast Cancer month’.

Lots to think about…and this can’t be a ‘solo’, SLN on its own styled ‘event’. We need collaborators. So, please, get in touch with your ideas.


Orgasmastore/Sex in the Clouds

I’m not sure if you know of its existence, but Orgasmastore features a lot of furniture for your SL home, many with intimate poses included. There’s also a ‘free sex area’ -Sex in the Clouds.

I popped along there this morning, not for sex, however ‘frisky’ I was feeling, hahaha, but because I picked up the head towel (shown) on the marketplace, in advance of doing a photo session with Harry (see below) and we were thinking of a series of photos from a ‘morning bathing’ perspective, and this store seemed ideal.

pookes bathroom_001b pookes bathroom2_001b pookes bathroom3_001b pookes bathroom4_001b pookes bathroom6_001b

There’s dozens of different bedroom sets to choose from to add to your SL home, and they appeared (I didn’t try or test) to all contain intimate poses 😉 .

towel head

Incidentally, the set was inspired by a photo (above) Harry found, and suggested I pose for in his occasional ‘SL replicates RL’ series. In the end -Harry was unavailable when I was zooming around the Orgasmastore sim- so I took the photos myself and didn’t try to replicate the pose. Harry and I may get around to doing the ‘head with towel wrapped around in early morning sun’ pose at a later date.


Ella adds: That’s a familiar look for me, post-shower, most summer mornings, and almost definitely my morning cup of tea look when in Spain!

Mesh Nipples

Nipples and the surround areolas, as we all know, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. So it’s terrific to find that my SL friend Beck has a set of mesh nipples, on the marketplace, which may help you to tweak the realism level on your avatar to new heights. And, unlike some I’ve bought in the past, these are devastatingly simple to fix and position.


I still need to do a little tweaking on the right one, but I left it slightly away from my body so you can see just how they supperbly blend in with the skin. Not fitting it ‘perfectly’ seemed to demonstrate, for the purposes of the photo, the excellent ‘blend’ between skin and nipple itself better, in my view. These are the ones that best suited my skin colour, and better reflect my RL than the ones that are on the skin I wear. So…attachment limits permitting, I’ll be sporting these around the grid for the foreseeable future. They come in a variety of four different colours that can match your skin tone and nipple type.

And in case you’re thinking ‘that doesn’t look like you’, be aware that I’m sporting a new hairstyle from Truth, as I’ve just begun a post-Christmas spending binge in advance of a slightly tweaked look for 2014. Yes, as I’ve said before, I do like to do a little updating of the avatar at the beginning of each year…and why not begin now! 🙂

I like this hair as it gives me a kind of ‘post swimming, still wet’ look.


Boxing Day

Ella’s usual rule is that, after we get an issue of SLN out, we take a break. Sometimes it may not look like much, but some thought goes into the production of SL Naturist, and once a bunch of pages are out there, it’s nice to allow readers time to catch up. Maybe more so this time out, as a lot of readers may not have had time yesterday to check out SL or any SL related blogs.

However, if you’re like me, Boxing Day (in the UK and elsewhere), St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland and countries where the Eastern Orthodox church predominates) you may find that December 26th is, often, the more relaxed of the holidays.

No need to cook -there’s leftovers-, no need to entertain -it’s a time for immediate rather than extended family, and maybe time to take a walk on a crisp winter’s morning and work of some of the previous day’s excess. And if you haven’t spent enough…the sales often start in earnest. Personally, I can think of nothing worse than shopping today, but to each their own.

So I’ve asked some of my SL friends about their December 26th plans, and how they’ll spend the day.

boxing day lunch

Evie and Dirk aren’t SL partners…but they posed for us a few days ago in anticipation of how they’ll both spend today. ‘A time for chilling’, says Evie. ‘A late breakfast followed by a walk or bike ride, weather permitting, and then an afternoon snuggled with my partner on the sofa, watching the old, black & white DVDs we’ve probably bought each other for Christmas. I’ve bought him a boxed set of Jean Paul Belmondo films, as we both adore French cinema‘.

‘No need to let the grass grow under our feet’, adds Dirk. ‘I’ll be scouring the internet for cheap flights and accommodation and booking our summer, naturist breaks’. There speaks a wise man!

A couple of older, RL naturist friends of mine, who don’t play SL (to my knowledge!) are even luckier. Retired, they’ll be spending December and January in St. Martin, at the Club Orient resort, and lucky enough to have a full two months in the Caribbean sunshine, enjoying naturism and an almost all-year round naturist lifestyle.

vera and james_001bI am so envious! I have eight months to wait until my next first-hand naturist experiences!

One other terrific advantage of Boxing Day, SL wise, is that with not much to do and an entire day’s relaxing in store, I’m up with the lark and ready to indulge myself with a lot of time in world today! 🙂 I know that some of the other staff are in the same sort of position, so if you catch any of us on the grid, give us a wave and shout a cheery ‘hello’ at us.


SLN 10 The year in review (an editorial of sorts)

Well…we’re only days away from putting 2013 to bed, and looking forward to 2014.

And as usual we’ve seen changes in SL’s naturist community, with the arrival and departure of some sims, and the slow evolution of others. And when I say ‘slow’, that’s not meant to be criticism, but praise. I like the fact that some sims -and I’m thinking specifically about Eden Naturopolis here- undertake change in a slow, measured way. So they’ve added Shameless Beach, the Blue Lagoon and, in the run up to Christmas, a (temporary) ice rink. Just the right pace of change! It’s how it would more or less happen in RL, with the development of areas and the expansion of facilities. Shameless and Blue Lagoon do just that, and the ice rink would be something that some locations in RL, New York for example, and probably many Alpine towns, would set up as a focal point for their winter markets. So bravo, yet again, to Brenda and Elbag for their well thought out, and considered, approach to naturism.barbara and harry su casa_001b

If we were running an SL ‘Naturist People of the Year’ Award, I’m guessing they’d win it (again!).pippa sweden2_001b

The exciting thing about Eden is that there’s a sense of semi-autonomy in some of the locations dotted around the estate. Blue Lagoon and Teresa’s Naked Dreams are both examples, wonderful examples, of people being able to create something which stamps their own personalities on a build, while remaining true to Eden’s overall ethos.diane turtle_001b

Su Casa, where the SLN ‘office’ (yes…it’s a laptop at a table outside the lighthouse cafe) is located, remains a favourite for obvious reasons. It’s ‘home’, for a start, and it also has a superb, gentle feel to it, busy but not crowded. I spend ludicrous amounts of time doing SLN out of world, more than being in world, but when I do get some proper SL time, a wander around Su Casa is generally the first action of the day.ella shameless4_001b

Lupe’s is another popular naturist location, and it’s easy to see why thanks to its beautiful, wooded build, and a sense that it’s a labour of love. There’s no sense of it having any commercial intent. It just exists for the enjoyment of others. When I first started in SL there were many sims like that, built just for the sheer hell of it, but the recession killed many of those kinds of builds off, with people belt-tightening in relation to where their disposable income went, so it’s beautiful to see Lupe’s just exist because it can in a glorious woodland setting.mal howies apartment2_001b

In essence, it has been another vibrant year where SL naturism is involved, a slow evolution rather than revolution. Quietly changing sims, developing sims, people understanding what they’re doing with their sims and doing it brilliantly. There is a ‘hardcore’ of naturist sims now, achieving the sort of level we, SL’s naturists, demand and admire. We wish them all continuing success in 2014.

pookes lupes2_001

We hope you’ve enjoyed 2013’s naturism in SL. We hope you’re, like us, looking forward to more of the same in 2014.


SLN 10: Orion


I’ve always had an interest in star gazing. One constellation that dominates the night sky in the winter months, and is in full view tonight, this clear, crisp, breezy winter’s night, is Orion.

It will disappear, below the horizon, in the coming months.

When we fly down to Spain in the summer, we’ll have relocated to the extent that it will become visible once more. I’m an early riser, and I often try to get my ‘Postcards from Spain’ series written in the early mornings, before the sun has risen. Indeed, wrapped only in a pareo, in the chill of pre-dawn, I’ve often wandered to the Mediterranean’s edge to await sunrise. Often, I’m not alone, the beach peppered with night fishermen, and holidaymakers who’ve also risen early to capture the first rays of the new rising sun.

As I step out onto our balcony sometime around 600am, Orion is there, visible in the southern part of the sky, and I know when it’s there, dawn’s not far away.

I’ve just been outside, and Orion’s visible. I shivered in the cold. What’s exciting is that, in six months time, I will give another little shiver while gazing up at Orion, standing naked on the balcony, cup of tea in hand, awaiting the arrival of the sun and another hot and glorious day in naturism.ella orion2_001b

I can’t wait! 🙂


nb: today, Christmas Day, a couple of my friends have texted to enquire on my holiday dates for next year. So it looks like a crowd of us may well be gathering up next September for a ‘reunion’ of sorts in Spain 🙂