Plant Evenimeuse

Delighted to see that French blog plantevenimeuse isn’t afraid to show some skin on its pages on a semi regular basis. Terrific art-styled photos as well! Having a look through their blog there’s a unique, individual style there that is admirable and eye-catching. For those of you who like a sense of individual style, and models exuding a strong sense of smouldering, individual sexuality, I would advise you visit the blog to obtain a sense on how to create a stand out look!


Bravo dames. Vous disposez d’un brave, style unique qui est accrocheur, sexy et séduisante. Merci pour avoir osé montrer votre style individuel audace!

If any of you want to get any ideas on how to create a sexy, stand-out, individual avatar, I thoroughly recommend you visit the blog for some style tips.

(nb. The photo above is a ‘re-imagining’ of one of their blog photos. No disrespect or copyright infringement is intended and is used on the basis of ‘fair use’ for the purpose of promoting the Plant Evenimeuse blog to SLN’s readers, and the wider SL community. We will be happy to remove the photograph should anyone associated with the Plant Evneimeuse blog requests its removal).


She says…….ssssshhhh!!!!

Plans for everyone!!!!!

Chinese New Year on the 31st, today. And we’re celebrating it on SLN.

Three Asian avatars, all ex-pat Chinese, are celebrating with us in SLN style, and letting us know what Chinese New Year, and being Chinese in SL, means to them.

Chinese New year is on January 31st, Friday week, so stay tuned for posts relating to the event. We have plans for everyone! Or, at least, every SLN reader!


Xiu: Born in Hong Kong, now living in England, says that she feels ‘decreasingly Chinese’. Arriving in London after Hong Kong was returned to the Chinese from British rule, she admits she felt Chinese when she arrived ‘but with a sense of Britain and being British about me’. (Hong Kong was previously a British colony). ‘I spoke English’, she laughs, ‘but when I arrived it was mostly like a foreign language because I didn’t understand the accents’.

Fifteen years on, she says her sense of being Chinese has diminished greatly. ‘I was schooled in England, my friends are English, and my culture is western rather than Chinese. I really only plug into Chinese culture at New Year, and that’s because I see it as a sense of spectacle, not because it’s something that pulls my heart strings. I’m going to grow old and die looking Chinese, but without ever feeling Chinese’.

fireworks1_001b fireworks2_001b


Xiu takes in a fireworks display in SL while…



…Hong Kong’s skyline is lit up with ‘the real thing’

For Zhuo, it’s a different tale. Born in Holland, she says she feels ‘100% Chinese, and I adore the culture. I see it as my country, and I still hope to travel, freely, to the village where my parents grew up, some day. I don’t agree with the politics and the lack of personal freedoms. But I think that China will become the global world economy in the 21st century. Of course there will be troubles along the way. People will eventually take issue with a small, self-serving, self-styled elite. It will be interesting to witness a shift to democracy, and how China reacts to an influx of western culture, right across the country rather than in pockets. My feeling is that it may result in simply another small, self-serving, self-styled elite anyway. Not so different from the political classes of the west. But an openness that sees Christianity or Islam seep in or variety on television, clothes stores, western values, will be interesting. There’s a Chinese proverb, ‘may you live in interesting times’. I think for the remainder of this century, in the context of China, we shall all live in interesting times’.

cny1 cny2 cny3

Zhuo practices Chinese calligrapy in SL, and examines artefacts from the Ming dynasty.

Finally, Fu Kang, born in the US and who admits to using the name ‘Ken’ in everyday life, is somewhere in between. ‘I’m American, end of. But I still have great admiration for the way my great-grandparents arrived in San Francisco with only the clothes on their backs and had improved their lot to an extent that my Dad went to university and so did I and my sister. China couldn’t give our family that. America did. I decided on a Chinese name for SL just as a reference to my great grandparents. Later I adopted a ‘Chinese look’. But that’s the extent of me being Chinese. I don’t hang out at Chinese sims hoping to feel affinity with a few Chinese people. In fact, I don’t ever recall visiting a Chinese sim prior to doing these photos. I hang out at SL dances or whatever. The name is just an ice-breaker. Once I get chatting, the emphasis is usually on San Francisco more than it is China or the Chinese’.

fukang tea1_001b fukang tea2_001b fukang tea3_001b fukang tea4_001b


恭賀新禧! as it is in Chinese, or ‘Happy New Year!’ in English.

Yes, the 31st is the Chinese New Year, and we enter ‘the year of the horse’.

We don’t have many Chinese readers (China is one of the few nations on earth that SLN have never got into, according to our wordpress stats) but we’ve made the acquaintanace of a few ex-pats (exclusively Hong Kong residents). Anyway, tomorrow night, all things being equal, we’ll be doing a special ‘Chinese New Yar’ post in celebration of, and in support of, our friends in China, and friends from China.

We look forward to the day when China opens its doors to the internet, to SL and to SLN.

The family Keng will be out for dinner, in a local Chinese restaurant, tomorrow night, so maybe not a great evening for me to be around SL, but I do wish my friends a ‘Happy New Year of the Horse’ on the 31st.

In the meantime, here’s a few photos of one of out Chinese friends, Zhuo, out and about in SL.

cny1 cny2 cny3

Naked table tennis (ping pong)

Last week we posted on Miniten, and in that I mentioned that there was a table-tennis table at Eden, next to the rotunda (i.e. the central tp point).

It’s a game I’ve seen played, often, in naturist France. Less so elsewhere (although Vera Playa’s club hotel does, I know through experience, have one too).

teena table tennis_001b teena table tennis3_001b teena table tennis5_001b tumblr_m6rjmr1trw1rzvr8yo1_500 tumblr_mmjj0b3gtU1snscxho1_500


I have to say that these photos from Eden carry a wonderful sense of movement and action in them.

Why not pop along with a friend and have yourselves a game?


New photo studio

We, SLN, have added our own photo studio, part of the plans to further develop in 2014. I don’t pretend to know how it works, but we can now slot our own backdrops into photos.

So I’ve spent the afternoon sourcing real life naturist location photos in the hope that they can provide us with some contextual backdrop when commenting on RL naturist spots.

For example, a long time ago, I reported  on playing naked outdoor chess (on an outsized chess board) at the Vera Playa Club Hotel in Spain.

And guess what? I found a photo of that very chessboard! Now, I can’t pretend to have got any idea how it make it all look ‘perfect’, I’m waiting for a lesson from either Harry or Diane on how this will all work, and both were offline earlier, but I think it should maybe add a different persepctive to photos in the future. I hope so anyway. The photo looks a little skewed, but hopefully it captures the atmosphere of a lovely naturist hotel in an idyllic part of Spain.

In the meantime…



…here’s my effort.

It certainly put me in the mood for my naturist holidays in June. We aren’t staying at the Vera Playa Club Hotel, but are staying nearby. More details much closer to the time. And yes, for those who’ve previously asked, Vera Playa is currently our naturist destination of choice, as it suits us for convenience with two children in tow, regarding the speed at which we can get door to door. I love French naturist style, and I also love Croatia, locations we’ve done many times before there were any children, but for now and the foreseeable future, Vera (or Costa Natura, or El Portus, just along the coast in opposite directions from Vera), which we’d also done before children, will be our chosen destination


The Su Casa Blog

I’m terrifically excited to see that the Su Casa blog is now being regularly updated, thanks to Boo and Susan.

Hopefully all of us in the SL naturist community work to each other’s benefit, and work to get the message across that naturism is a wholesome, family orientated lifestyle, even in its virtual, pixellated variety.

su casa blog
As Boo says in his introduction to the latest entry, ‘Su Casa is…a great naturist destination’. I’m sorry to see that Boo won’t be able to contribute more, but hopefully it will continue to have regular updates to keep us all up to speed on what’s happening at ‘Su Casa’.