Something you see, regularly, at the naturist beach are tanlines.

There’s a couple of possibilities here. One, if you’re like me, full naturism and even sunshine isn’t always a possibility at home. I’ll try to grab as much as possible before holidays, but circumstances…friends dropping in, my children’s friends being in our garden, whatever, mean I can’t always go nude.

And so sometimes I’ll end up going away on holiday with tanlines.

The second possibility -I see this all the time- is that people don’t always begin a holiday with naturist intent. Sometimes they chance upon a naturist beach. Sometimes they’re merrily sunning away in a bikini for days before they reach that ‘ah, to hell with it!’ moment and maybe (you see this with young women, late teens, perhaps) they shed their bikini top. And the bikini briefs remain in place for a couple more days or, in textile locations, are never lost at all. (Topless sunbathing and swimming are widely accepted in textile beaches or hotel pools). Thus, there’s an uneven tan in place for the remainder of the holiday.

The SL Marketplace has numerous tanlines available. I bought one a set this evening and am wearing the tattoo layer for both top and bottom.

Incidentally, less obvious but occasionally visible are tan lines where the woman in question hasn’t even started her holiday with a bikini confident body, and has a one-piece swimsuit in place. But naturism draws you in and once you realise there are people older, saggier and more overweight than you, and still wholly confident in their naked bodies, these people also shed their inhibitions and their swimwear to sometimes go fully nude. I haven’t checked if there’s a one piece swimsuit tan line available on the marketplace, but I’ll maybe to that now and get back to you on that one.

In the meantime, here’s a trio of photos with tanlines clearly visible. A naturist accessory, most certainly.tanlines1_001b tanlines2_001b tanlines3_001b
And with that post, I’m signing off for a few days. We’ve had a hectic period with SLN, in the days leading up to and over Christmas. I’m not entirely sure what the others have planned (if anything) but I’m going to enjoy the rest of my week off, and I’ll catch you sometime next week.


How did your night go?

We headed off to bed shortly after midnight, having toasted the New Year with a glass of Buck’s Fizz. And yes, I had a couple of glasses of wine over the course of the evening, but no madness was had. Which is how I like it, as it meant I was up early and logged in to SL.

And wow! I’ve never seen the grid so quiet!

Anyway, my RL friend Tere (Tereza, from Spain) was also logged in later in the day, and we chatted about our different RL New year’s Eves. Hers appears to have been slightly more insane than mine, though.  🙂

Tere lives just outside the naturist zone in the part of Spain I regularly visit, but she is a user of the naturist beach there.

Anyway, we giggled our way through an online chat this afternoon and Tere said she’d send me some ‘imagined’ photos of her New Year’s Eve and the associated madness involved. Over to you, Tere…


tere bar fly2_001b tere bar fly9_001b‘The evening began well, with me being sensible in a couple of bars, restricting my alcoholic intake…’

tere yawns_001b‘The big mistake I made was not having dinner, so even sensible alcoholic intake meant I was starting to feel the effect before midnight, and was yawning my way through the night!’

tere poses_001b‘And then we headed back to xxx’s terrace for more drinks. I remember taking my shoes off, and that was the last I saw of them for the night!’

tere condom_001b_Sprout_20140101

‘And I received a snapchat photo later on of me posing with condoms as ear rings. I don’t recall this at all 😦 ‘

I couldn’t find a an SL pose of me with condoms as ear rings, so this will have to do instead. 😦

tere swim2_001b

‘I don’t know what time it was, but we made out way back to xxx’s urbanisation and we all decided to have our first skinny dip of the year in the indoor pool. 

Stupid drunken me decided to jump in clothed at first, so I couldn’t wear my dress again 😦  I left it behind. I’ll have to go back and collect it this evening.’

tere coat_001b

‘So I had to borrow a coat off xxx and it was almost dawn when we walked back along the beach, shivering, to xxx’s apartment. I realised then that I’d left my glasses at the pool, too.’

tere coat3_001b

‘xxx was there, initially not very pleased to see us, and we ended up curling up on his bed and going to sleep. ‘

There were people sleeping on couches, the floor, everywhere! It was a crazy night, a crazy start to 2014!

Eventually xxx came around at lunchtime with some clothes for me, hahaha, and we made our way down to xxx’s to watch the New Year skinny dip taking place.

Note: the xxx’s are the names of RL people, some of whom I know in RL, some I don’t, more Tere’s friends than mutual friends. I’ve removed their names to protect the not so innocent, lol.


A Polar Bare swim

Several naturist groups around the world will be holding ‘polar bare‘ events today, celebrating the beginning of a new year with a skinny dip -often brief, sea temperatures in the northern hemisphere won’t be great.

As I came online, I found Markus, who has modelled for SLN before, at the same sim. Although we weren’t in each other’s friends lists then, we are now, as we opted to head over to the Cheeky Tiramisu cafe and, well, do something cheeky! 😉polarbare2_001 polarbare1_001 polarbare8_001 polarbare10_001 polarbare11_001


Cheeky Tiramisu is look resplendent in its winter colours, so we decided to have our own little Polar Bare swim! (Grrrr!!!! You could have invited me along! Ella)

Granted, the water was icy cold, and we didn’t stay in long, or fully immersed either, and we were glad of a fire where we could warm up again and even try to massage a little heat into one another.

Hmmm…short and sweet, before we got dressed (yep, I do dress occasionally in SL) and headed back to the cafe itself for a couple of warming brandies.

Perhaps next year we can do something more organised at one of the naturist sims and hold a more general, ‘everyone invited’ Polar bare swim. Or are there any sim owners out there who’d like to organise a quick Polar Bare swim this winter, before the snow disappears?