Naked Dreams, an update

Teresa has been busy since we last reported on Naked Dreams.

Each ‘upgrade’ or ‘tweak’ simply makes the place look better and better. 🙂

galleon treasurenaked dreams galleon


One of the terrific additions is a sunken galleon…complete with a sailor who didn’t make it away from the wreck, and the treasure he was maybe trying to protect. He paid a heavy price.

All of Teresa’s builds are like this…things hidden that are astonishing, yet invisible, unpromoted, unless you go looking. And that’s the thing about Teresa’s builds. They’re always self-effacing, understated. And always worth taking the time to explore fully.

I had a terrific time poking around…again! 🙂

On the surface not a lot has changed, although Teresa now has a few residents in place….anyone wish to give me a tour of their superb looking homes?….and what looks like a chill out zone with a few comfy chairs and a massage table in place.

We took our friend Xiu (Sue) there, and she did a bit of head massage on her chum Fu. Note…we’re going to be doing a mega post for the Chinese New Year, and this shoot at Naked Dreams was just one of several we’ve done with Xiu, most of them with an Eastern/Oriental flavour. Stay tuned for that one on January 31st, Chinese New Year!

xiu & fu naked dreams5_001b





Xiu enjoys some Chinese massage at the hands of her friend Fu.

xiu & fu naked dreams_001bAnd returns the favour for a sleepy looking Fu!

Location: Naked Dreams (Eden Estate)

Photographer: Pookes 😦

Words : Pookes


2 thoughts on “Naked Dreams, an update

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your very kind posting Pookes! You have my personal invitation to visit anytime you wish! Thanks also for your comments Geoff… 🙂 To see Naked Dreams appreciated like this makes me feel so happy! I did write a entry on the new Scuba tours in my blog. I hope everyone who visits tries them! Love and my best nude warm wishes to my freezing friends in the northern hemisphere! Love always. Tess ♥♥♥

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