Recreating….an SL meme?

Just a quickie….

I, as all of us do, poke around on others’ blogs.

And I’m delighted to see that others, in this case the authors of VA’s closet freak blog, are also doing that ‘recreating real life in SL’ thing.

I’m certainly not claiming any credit for it, but I just wanted to let you know that there’s something in the zeitgeist amongst SL’s bloggers, where we’re inspired by RL events, situation and culture (in this case a TV programme called ‘So you think you can dance‘….I’ve never heard of it, but as someone who hasn’t seen the goggle box in this century, football (soccer) apart, that’s not particularly surprising). Anyway, our congratulations and support goes to the authors of that blog. It’s good to see that we’ve all got that sense of cross-fertilising SL & RL. (There is also, apparently, a UK version).

I need to photograph this girl/these girls on the VA site! Not only do they look beautiful…they also seem open to the idea of nude or nearly nude (bearing in mind they’re a clothes/jewellry/items site), judging by the photos on their blog. Well done, them! 🙂

(Girls…if you’re up for it….IM me….Harry Leistone….I’d love to photograph you for SLN!!!!)

And…oh, yeah…I guess I need a nude photo of something for the posting….

Right…here we go…not ‘nude’ per se…but a cropped photo from the VA blog site, tweaked in an SLN style….

va site2


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