Naked man in a washing machine


We ‘Poms’ (an Australian word for Brits) may be smarting from a 5-0 drubbing in the Ashes cricket series, but it’s rather more exciting to dwell on other news coming out of the land Down Under.

You really need to replicate this news story in SL! 


That’s the IM I received from Pookes during the course of today. (The hyperlinks and bracketed words have been added by me, incidentally, by way of explanation to certain geographic locations around the globe what cricket is, and the Ashes are. Our friends in north America may find the entire concept of the game as confusing and baffling as we find gridiron, something that -in my limited experience of it- appears to exist to keep a small army of sports statisticians gainfully employed. Don’t worry…this isn’t a slight on the game, we have exactly the same type of statisticians enjoying full employment in the same role with regard to cricket).

Having got home, it was a challenge! A challenge that failed, incidentally, because in all of SL, I could only locate a single, Japanese styled launderette. Certainly no chance for me to revolve, Stuart Little style, inside a washing machine.

So while it’s not exactly a naked man smothered in olive oil in a washing machine, it’s a naked man doing laundry! And there was no way I was going to ask anyone to model in such a ludicrous situation. So it’s me, naked, in a launderette. Sorry, Pookes…you’ve beaten me in this SL replicates RL challenge!

harry launderette_001b



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