Let us encourage silliness

I’m delighted to read that yesterday was No-Pants Subway Day, organised by Improv Everywhere (that’s the correct spelling, incidentally).

Billing itself as ‘an international celebration of silliness’. In a world increasingly under surveillance, with increasing numbers of by-laws eroding freedoms, we welcome silliness -and stepping beyond the ‘norm’, whatever that may be!

The idea appears to be that you wear your normal upper body outer clothing, but just forget your pants (i.e trousers…you do wear your undies!)



Not ‘naturist’, I know, but I’m willing to promote any sort of nose-thumbing at convention (and naturism, I imagine, does fall into that category for the vast majority of people). We need more people leading unconventional lives (and who deems them to be ‘unconventional’?), and not prepared to live life as defined by a small number of narrow thinkers. This applies to everywhere on earth. While being a Neko, a Na’avi, a furry or anything else isn’t part of my Second Life, I welcome the fact that we often end up having conversations with people who have decided their Second Life can proceed along different lines. All power to them.