Pah! There goes my New Year resolution!

OK…so I promised myself there’d be fewer photos of my bottom, and other places, on SLN this year….and I’ve gone and blown it on day 21!

You know, I operate on the basis that you’re waaaaaaaaay beyond bored with photos of me.

And I decided that I’d try and be less…..visible….this year.

But I’ve had….am having…a truly terrific day in SL. I’ve gone from ‘jaded’ -the post-Christmas SL blues- to invigorated in a few hours.

Why? Well…discovery of Orchid was one thing. A meeting with the lovely Brenda from the Eden Estate was another (more of which later). A meeting with the lovely Sahara, who owns Orchid, after that. And then discovery that the sim formerly known as ‘Naked’ is rebranded as ‘Naked Rocks’ (of which more later, too).

I’ve already blogged on Orchid, and I’ve since had a delightful meeting with its co-owner, Sahara, in the sim. The ‘grand opening’ is going to take place soon, but feel free to visit via the slurl we offered in the previous Orchid post.ella & sahara1

Sahara tells me he will try and undertake the opening on a Friday evening (European time), as he’s off work on a Friday afternoon (US time) and we can maybe link two continents, and two sets of SL naturists with one fell swoop! I can’t wait!ella & sahara 2

Too often the SL naturist community is divided by time zones, so it would be fabulous if we can unite two continents of SL naturists.ell & sahara 3
Remember! Membership is free at Orchid. Go! Now! You’ll love it. Stay tuned for more information on the opening, and I’ll try and get it posted a few days in advance of it occurring, so that you can get it into your SL naturist diaries!


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