Fab Free and the rain in Spain

I do love the Fabulously Free blog, a goldmine for newbs and experienced avis alike, with a dedicated team of top notch writers bringing news from around the grid, mostly on clothing, daily. So if it’s mostly about clothing, why would a naturist be checking it out each day? Well…even naturists need clothes sometimes. You’ll always need a sarong, a bikini sometimes for that trip to and from the beach, there’ll be a plethora of accessories stuffed in your bag. And I know we’ve used Fab Free as a valuable resource in researching this type of thing.

Equally important are the fact that Fab Free blog poses and also reference locations. Again,those are essential components for ours, and any other ‘textile’ (i.e. non naturist) avatar. So I was delighted to read Love Trill’s posting ‘The Rain in Spain‘. Yes, it does rain in Spain. Sometimes violently so, as Love references in her post. Now, Spain is wonderfully sunny a lot of the time (my friends report the Mediterranean coast is currently in the mid-teens, temperature wise, which in my part of the world sometimes passes as a summer’s day!) and there’s no greater thing than to be in the sun, naturist or not, eating al fresco, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing with the kindle. And yes, it looks like I’ll still be on my Game of Thrones kick on the Kindle by the time my first naturist holiday or 2014, booked yesterday, rolls around. But when it rains….oh, boy…Spain can be dreary, simply because it’s all geared to outdoors living. In fact, it can be duller than Scunthorpe on a wet bank holiday!

Thankfully, these are rare, but I do recall us sitting on the beach a couple of years ago when a few drops of rain fell out of a blue sky. And, almost as one, the entire beach (apart from myself and Mr. Keng) gor up and left. The tiny, tiny cloud that crossed the face of the sun had passed in about two minutes, and quite frankly I’d have got more of a soaking if Mr. Keng had poured the last of his bottle of water over me. But there we were, alone. For well over an hour!

On another occasion I recall, it did tip down for most of the day, from around 1000am until mid-afternoon. There was nothing else to do put put some clothes on and shelter in our apartment with our books. But these are rare moments.

Still, Love has managed to capture the spirit of a Spanish downpour in her post. Yes, quite violent thunderstorms develop in the Med, and thunder and lightning can accompany heavy downpours. It’s possibly worse in the Balearic Islands, as you’re set in the middle of the Med there, and there’s zero land between you and Africa, but the lightning out at sea is sometimes spectacular, and a holiday experience in itself.

Love’s post comes from Puerto Banus Beach, nominally set at Marbella, and if the sim builders are from that part of the world, then they’ve insinctively added rain, thunder and lightning as part of the gig. They just know how accurate that element of the weather is. Indeed, I’m always impressed where sims do have changeable weather. Occasional rain adds a bit of realism, as opposed to relentless sunshine.


Setting the light to ‘midnight’ brings out the rain in its fullest effect


Whoo-hoo! I managed to capture a bolt of lightning come to earth behind me! Looks great!


On the basis that you’ll all be sick of looking at me, constantly, in recent posts, and no-one else was available to pose or photograph on this Thursday morning, I’ve opted to utilise my rarely used alt ‘Eve’ and had to take the photos myself, so they aren’t as spectacular as Harry’s, Diane’s or Love Trill’s are. But I hope they do capture a feeling of a Spanish downpour, and the run to reach shelter when these thankfully rare downpours take place.



Thanks to Love Trill for her original posting. No infringement on copyright is intended.


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