Naked Party

No, not us! Not yet, anyway.

I’ve just picked the story up this evening that Desigual, a Spanish fashion store based in Barcelona and with a big presence across Europe, held a ‘Naked Party’ on January 8th, the beginning of their sales.

The hook is that you can come to their store (their Barcelona one, at least) naked and go home dressed. Other outlets were presenting a ‘semi-naked party’, where you came in your underwear and went home dressed. And their highly fashionable clothes, I own some myself, are at hugely reduced prices for those who do turn up naked, or in their undies.

839px-Robots_desigual 2213263 1372691832-desigual-naked-party-in-sales-of-barcelona_2214287


This got me to thinking….could we do such a thing in SL? 🙂

In the style of ‘fairs’ held around the grid all the time, with stores offering free gifts or L$1 dollarbies, might it be possible to organise such a fair in SL? If any fair organisers, store owners or designers are reading, drop me an IM.

Cien-personas-entraron-totalme_54377124311_54115221154_600_396 Desigual Naked Party in sales of Barcelona

What if we could organise some sort of ‘naturist accessory’ or ‘beach related’ fair where -as with Desigual- the shoppers must turn up nude to avail of the goodies? I know I haven’t thought this through fully. It’s late and I’ve had a little wine, but it could be fun. And it has certainly given me the opportunity to pop up another post that presents ‘nudity as normal’, which it is. 🙂


Sailing at Su Casa

babs su casa2_001bThis (above) is usually as close as I like to get to the water. Oh, I can swim, and enjoy swimming, but in reality I can feel sea sick crossing the Millennium Bridge in London! Yep, I can get into water, but don’t like being on top of water. Still, a new attraction at Su Casa, a jetty with a multi-pose rug -and right beside SLN’s offices there! If you’re trying it out, wave to us!- had to be tried. I loved the variety of poses, and was merrily trying them out when a feeling of madness enveloped me. Yeah, indeed, that boat in the background…uh oh!

babs su casa5_001b


Looks idyllic, yeah? Wrong….as I couldn’t steer it, we bumped up against the sim’s boundary, the boat shuddered and I swear I felt seasick just looking at my screen, lol!

Maybe I should try it again another day. Or, better still, get some salty-dog type to take the steering stick (I’m sure it has a proper name…rudder, is it?) and take me on a tour.

Anyway, it’s terrific to see Su Casa slowly evolve (just the pace we adore at SLN!) with new things popped in, unheralded and untrumpeted. It gives the rest of us the opportunity to discover these quite by accident. Or take the sensible option, and continue reading SLN where we’ll endeavour to keep you up to speed with the latest events, happenings, changes and attractions right across the grid!




Miniten is an exclusively naturist game, a conflation of the words ‘mini’ and ‘tennis’.

It developed in the 1930s, apparently, when tennis clubs were all of the social-rage, the discotheques or youth clubs of their day. It was where one went to meet single members of the opposite sex in a social acceptable setting, darling!

Naturist clubs, lacking the space to operate full sized courts, opted to create their own mini-version, and thus miniten, with its own set of rules, was born.

Racquets aren’t used. Instead, a wooden box called a ‘thug’ is used instead. miniten


Now, I’ve read a lot about miniten, but never actually seen it played. I have seen full sized tennis courts and, indeed, watched games of nude tennis played out. I’ve played full sized, naked tennis in SL (although I confess the game itself leaves me bored rigid, as either player or viewer, in RL, whether or not the players are naked or not.

Beside the rotunda at Eden there’s a ping-pong table where you can play a game, if you so desire. I’ve not yet had a match, and naked ping-pong isn’t something I’ve participated in in SL although, again, I’ve witnessed it played often, and even ‘played’ a game myself on a naturist camp site in RL, in France, where it’s most popular, in my experience.

Still, RL and SL should be full of new experiences (although I’m going to draw a line at naked -or clothed- skydiving in RL! 🙂 so I’m throwing down a gauntlet that, if you spot me at the SLN offices at Eden, challenge me to a game (and don’t be shy, I want photos for another post in SLN!).

I’d have stuck around for a while tonight, having thrown down that challenge, but I confess to being exhausted, back at work after a few days off, so I’m going to call time on another day in SL for today, and stretch out on the sofa now that the rug-rats are in bed, and quite possibly doze off.

Plans for SL are always in flux, so previous promises to be missing over the weekend are conceivably going to change, and I do plan to grab at least an hour tomorrow night in SL, so if you spot me flitting between naturist sims, don’t forget to say ‘hi!’.



Tess has done it again!

Wow! Just finishing up this post before calling it a day on blogging and heading inworld to check out the following attraction for myself. My only concern is that, with my glasses off and a face-mask on, is my eyesight good enough to see the attractions? 🙂

Yep, Tess has done it again on Naked Dreams. Two separate scuba diving tours under the waters of Naked Dreams, one around the observation platform, the other in the environs of the sunken galleon. And it looks like a stunning experience.

I promised you a while back that Areola was returning, and this is the first report she’s filed. And what a report! Without further ado, I’ll hand over to Areola…


When I first came into Second Life and was exploring the naturist possibilities of the grid, the name of Tess came up a few times, as I was encouraged to visit Naked Dreams and with a nod and a wink encouraged to explore everything about it. I didn’t understand. Then it was explained that Tess has always built in a manner that had little hidden treasures. The phrase ‘priest holes‘ was used to describe her manner of building. I had to have that explained to me, too. These are little concealed areas in English homes where a priest of the Catholic faith could hide, or use to escape, during a time of religious persecution during the reign of Elizabeth I. And that is maybe a phrase that came back to me having experienced the Naked dreams Scuba Tours. A place where you can escape, a place where you can have hidden treasures of building, a place of safety, solitude and tranquility.scuba1

I am astonished by the detail Tess has put into just this, her little undersea hidden treasure, a place where you could maybe even miss if exploring Naked Dreams for the first time.scuba2

Miss it at your peril. I took my friend Mark to explore. He did one tour (of the sunken galleon) while I did the other, and if you’re going to have one naturist experience in SL this weekend, make sure it is this one. I am not a poet, I don’t have the words to provide full justice to the exceptional build, but there are vibrant colours, wonderful scenery, and an interactive sound and text experience to enjoy, making it remarkable!scuba3

It’s sometimes possible to get a little jaded in Second Life. You can only experience only so many shopping malls before it becomes dull. Maybe this is why people grow tired of the game sometimes. Not enough is new. Not enough is unique. But this is new. And this is unique. If all of SL was like this, then SL’s number would be approaching Facebook style numbers.scuba4

An important message I also took away from the experience (my own message, not one proposed by Tess) is that man’s interference destroys nature. The best we can do is to ensure that we only interfere in a benign way, as tourists in a world we barely understand. That way, the beauties of man’s last unknown frontier on the planet can continue to thrive and delight all of us.scuba5

My friend Mark also enjoyed the experience of the sunken galleon. I know Harry has tried to imagine, some times, what Second Life might have looked like before the Lindens 🙂 What SL might have looked like in the 1950s for example. And here we can see that, long before mesh, physics, flex hair and prim boobs, there was a SL where pirates, buccaneers and navies patrolled the grid, seeking out treasures and new worlds.scuba8

‘I think that we’re maybe pirates and buccaneers in a new digital era’, said Mark when I voiced this. ‘We’re seeking out new experiences, even in a digital way, and Tess has certainly achieved that’.scuba11

Bravo, Tess! Bravo, Naked Dreams! You have broken new ground, I think, in how SL should progress. An unpreached message, an experience for thoughtfulness, an experience that pushes the boundaries of what SL can and should be.scuba12scuba14 scuba16 scuba22 scuba34 scuba41 scuba46 scuba48 scuba50


Ella adds…’You can begin the first scuba tour from here. At its conclusion you can walk from where you surface, to the end of the nearby jetty, and begin the second tour (of the galleon) from a second ‘immersion point’. The air tank, flippers and mask are all available at either start point. For those who aren’t naturist, the ‘freebie’ kit also includes a wet suit, you can go as bare as you wish…or don’t! I should also add that, while nudity is encouraged at Naked Dreams, it isn’t enforced -testament to the laid back ‘live and let live’ attitudes found in RL & SL naturists. So if you are ‘textile’, or don’t wish to bare your bits, it’s still an experience you can, and should, enjoy.’

Edited to add….Ella….there’s a third scuba tour, hahaha, which takes in ‘the trippy tunne’, and ‘the round room’. But I ain’t telling you where it is! Maybe if you fix up that tour with Tess, she’ll show ya! Love, Pookes 🙂

Coming soon!

scuba advertscuba advert2The words in the photos say it all. Areola, who I promised was back with us a while back, has filed her first report, on the Scuba Tours at Tess’s ‘Naked Dreams’ island (part of the Eden Naturist Estate). And it’s a stunning series of photos, testament to Tess’s building skill and attention to detail, something that is a constant feature right across Eden.

I won’t give too much away just yet, but I’ve got it largely assembled, and am just waiting for a few more photos to arrive, as Areola promised, before editing up the final piece. I hope I can publish tonight (Friday), but if not we’ll run it over the weekend.

And I’ve now got a bit of a backlog of posts, with others lined up from Barbara, and a new-look Pookes (again, Pookes? You tweak as much as I do! 🙂 ) Diane has some marvellous photo essays done. And finally, after hoping for such an event for much of the life of SLN, we’ll be unveiling a new, male staff writer, who’ll maybe give us a guy’s perspective on naturism, in and out of SL. Looks like everyone has been busy, barring Harry, currently snowed under a mountain of RL work commitments.

Oh, and I got both of my RL naturist holidays booked today, so watch out for more ‘Postcards from Spain’ on two occasions later this year.


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