New photo studio

We, SLN, have added our own photo studio, part of the plans to further develop in 2014. I don’t pretend to know how it works, but we can now slot our own backdrops into photos.

So I’ve spent the afternoon sourcing real life naturist location photos in the hope that they can provide us with some contextual backdrop when commenting on RL naturist spots.

For example, a long time ago, I reported  on playing naked outdoor chess (on an outsized chess board) at the Vera Playa Club Hotel in Spain.

And guess what? I found a photo of that very chessboard! Now, I can’t pretend to have got any idea how it make it all look ‘perfect’, I’m waiting for a lesson from either Harry or Diane on how this will all work, and both were offline earlier, but I think it should maybe add a different persepctive to photos in the future. I hope so anyway. The photo looks a little skewed, but hopefully it captures the atmosphere of a lovely naturist hotel in an idyllic part of Spain.

In the meantime…



…here’s my effort.

It certainly put me in the mood for my naturist holidays in June. We aren’t staying at the Vera Playa Club Hotel, but are staying nearby. More details much closer to the time. And yes, for those who’ve previously asked, Vera Playa is currently our naturist destination of choice, as it suits us for convenience with two children in tow, regarding the speed at which we can get door to door. I love French naturist style, and I also love Croatia, locations we’ve done many times before there were any children, but for now and the foreseeable future, Vera (or Costa Natura, or El Portus, just along the coast in opposite directions from Vera), which we’d also done before children, will be our chosen destination


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