Plant Evenimeuse

Delighted to see that French blog plantevenimeuse isn’t afraid to show some skin on its pages on a semi regular basis. Terrific art-styled photos as well! Having a look through their blog there’s a unique, individual style there that is admirable and eye-catching. For those of you who like a sense of individual style, and models exuding a strong sense of smouldering, individual sexuality, I would advise you visit the blog to obtain a sense on how to create a stand out look!


Bravo dames. Vous disposez d’un brave, style unique qui est accrocheur, sexy et séduisante. Merci pour avoir osé montrer votre style individuel audace!

If any of you want to get any ideas on how to create a sexy, stand-out, individual avatar, I thoroughly recommend you visit the blog for some style tips.

(nb. The photo above is a ‘re-imagining’ of one of their blog photos. No disrespect or copyright infringement is intended and is used on the basis of ‘fair use’ for the purpose of promoting the Plant Evenimeuse blog to SLN’s readers, and the wider SL community. We will be happy to remove the photograph should anyone associated with the Plant Evneimeuse blog requests its removal).


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