Naked Party

No, not us! Not yet, anyway.

I’ve just picked the story up this evening that Desigual, a Spanish fashion store based in Barcelona and with a big presence across Europe, held a ‘Naked Party’ on January 8th, the beginning of their sales.

The hook is that you can come to their store (their Barcelona one, at least) naked and go home dressed. Other outlets were presenting a ‘semi-naked party’, where you came in your underwear and went home dressed. And their highly fashionable clothes, I own some myself, are at hugely reduced prices for those who do turn up naked, or in their undies.

839px-Robots_desigual 2213263 1372691832-desigual-naked-party-in-sales-of-barcelona_2214287


This got me to thinking….could we do such a thing in SL? 🙂

In the style of ‘fairs’ held around the grid all the time, with stores offering free gifts or L$1 dollarbies, might it be possible to organise such a fair in SL? If any fair organisers, store owners or designers are reading, drop me an IM.

Cien-personas-entraron-totalme_54377124311_54115221154_600_396 Desigual Naked Party in sales of Barcelona

What if we could organise some sort of ‘naturist accessory’ or ‘beach related’ fair where -as with Desigual- the shoppers must turn up nude to avail of the goodies? I know I haven’t thought this through fully. It’s late and I’ve had a little wine, but it could be fun. And it has certainly given me the opportunity to pop up another post that presents ‘nudity as normal’, which it is. 🙂


Sailing at Su Casa

babs su casa2_001bThis (above) is usually as close as I like to get to the water. Oh, I can swim, and enjoy swimming, but in reality I can feel sea sick crossing the Millennium Bridge in London! Yep, I can get into water, but don’t like being on top of water. Still, a new attraction at Su Casa, a jetty with a multi-pose rug -and right beside SLN’s offices there! If you’re trying it out, wave to us!- had to be tried. I loved the variety of poses, and was merrily trying them out when a feeling of madness enveloped me. Yeah, indeed, that boat in the background…uh oh!

babs su casa5_001b


Looks idyllic, yeah? Wrong….as I couldn’t steer it, we bumped up against the sim’s boundary, the boat shuddered and I swear I felt seasick just looking at my screen, lol!

Maybe I should try it again another day. Or, better still, get some salty-dog type to take the steering stick (I’m sure it has a proper name…rudder, is it?) and take me on a tour.

Anyway, it’s terrific to see Su Casa slowly evolve (just the pace we adore at SLN!) with new things popped in, unheralded and untrumpeted. It gives the rest of us the opportunity to discover these quite by accident. Or take the sensible option, and continue reading SLN where we’ll endeavour to keep you up to speed with the latest events, happenings, changes and attractions right across the grid!




Miniten is an exclusively naturist game, a conflation of the words ‘mini’ and ‘tennis’.

It developed in the 1930s, apparently, when tennis clubs were all of the social-rage, the discotheques or youth clubs of their day. It was where one went to meet single members of the opposite sex in a social acceptable setting, darling!

Naturist clubs, lacking the space to operate full sized courts, opted to create their own mini-version, and thus miniten, with its own set of rules, was born.

Racquets aren’t used. Instead, a wooden box called a ‘thug’ is used instead. miniten


Now, I’ve read a lot about miniten, but never actually seen it played. I have seen full sized tennis courts and, indeed, watched games of nude tennis played out. I’ve played full sized, naked tennis in SL (although I confess the game itself leaves me bored rigid, as either player or viewer, in RL, whether or not the players are naked or not.

Beside the rotunda at Eden there’s a ping-pong table where you can play a game, if you so desire. I’ve not yet had a match, and naked ping-pong isn’t something I’ve participated in in SL although, again, I’ve witnessed it played often, and even ‘played’ a game myself on a naturist camp site in RL, in France, where it’s most popular, in my experience.

Still, RL and SL should be full of new experiences (although I’m going to draw a line at naked -or clothed- skydiving in RL! 🙂 so I’m throwing down a gauntlet that, if you spot me at the SLN offices at Eden, challenge me to a game (and don’t be shy, I want photos for another post in SLN!).

I’d have stuck around for a while tonight, having thrown down that challenge, but I confess to being exhausted, back at work after a few days off, so I’m going to call time on another day in SL for today, and stretch out on the sofa now that the rug-rats are in bed, and quite possibly doze off.

Plans for SL are always in flux, so previous promises to be missing over the weekend are conceivably going to change, and I do plan to grab at least an hour tomorrow night in SL, so if you spot me flitting between naturist sims, don’t forget to say ‘hi!’.



Tess has done it again!

Wow! Just finishing up this post before calling it a day on blogging and heading inworld to check out the following attraction for myself. My only concern is that, with my glasses off and a face-mask on, is my eyesight good enough to see the attractions? 🙂

Yep, Tess has done it again on Naked Dreams. Two separate scuba diving tours under the waters of Naked Dreams, one around the observation platform, the other in the environs of the sunken galleon. And it looks like a stunning experience.

I promised you a while back that Areola was returning, and this is the first report she’s filed. And what a report! Without further ado, I’ll hand over to Areola…


When I first came into Second Life and was exploring the naturist possibilities of the grid, the name of Tess came up a few times, as I was encouraged to visit Naked Dreams and with a nod and a wink encouraged to explore everything about it. I didn’t understand. Then it was explained that Tess has always built in a manner that had little hidden treasures. The phrase ‘priest holes‘ was used to describe her manner of building. I had to have that explained to me, too. These are little concealed areas in English homes where a priest of the Catholic faith could hide, or use to escape, during a time of religious persecution during the reign of Elizabeth I. And that is maybe a phrase that came back to me having experienced the Naked dreams Scuba Tours. A place where you can escape, a place where you can have hidden treasures of building, a place of safety, solitude and tranquility.scuba1

I am astonished by the detail Tess has put into just this, her little undersea hidden treasure, a place where you could maybe even miss if exploring Naked Dreams for the first time.scuba2

Miss it at your peril. I took my friend Mark to explore. He did one tour (of the sunken galleon) while I did the other, and if you’re going to have one naturist experience in SL this weekend, make sure it is this one. I am not a poet, I don’t have the words to provide full justice to the exceptional build, but there are vibrant colours, wonderful scenery, and an interactive sound and text experience to enjoy, making it remarkable!scuba3

It’s sometimes possible to get a little jaded in Second Life. You can only experience only so many shopping malls before it becomes dull. Maybe this is why people grow tired of the game sometimes. Not enough is new. Not enough is unique. But this is new. And this is unique. If all of SL was like this, then SL’s number would be approaching Facebook style numbers.scuba4

An important message I also took away from the experience (my own message, not one proposed by Tess) is that man’s interference destroys nature. The best we can do is to ensure that we only interfere in a benign way, as tourists in a world we barely understand. That way, the beauties of man’s last unknown frontier on the planet can continue to thrive and delight all of us.scuba5

My friend Mark also enjoyed the experience of the sunken galleon. I know Harry has tried to imagine, some times, what Second Life might have looked like before the Lindens 🙂 What SL might have looked like in the 1950s for example. And here we can see that, long before mesh, physics, flex hair and prim boobs, there was a SL where pirates, buccaneers and navies patrolled the grid, seeking out treasures and new worlds.scuba8

‘I think that we’re maybe pirates and buccaneers in a new digital era’, said Mark when I voiced this. ‘We’re seeking out new experiences, even in a digital way, and Tess has certainly achieved that’.scuba11

Bravo, Tess! Bravo, Naked Dreams! You have broken new ground, I think, in how SL should progress. An unpreached message, an experience for thoughtfulness, an experience that pushes the boundaries of what SL can and should be.scuba12scuba14 scuba16 scuba22 scuba34 scuba41 scuba46 scuba48 scuba50


Ella adds…’You can begin the first scuba tour from here. At its conclusion you can walk from where you surface, to the end of the nearby jetty, and begin the second tour (of the galleon) from a second ‘immersion point’. The air tank, flippers and mask are all available at either start point. For those who aren’t naturist, the ‘freebie’ kit also includes a wet suit, you can go as bare as you wish…or don’t! I should also add that, while nudity is encouraged at Naked Dreams, it isn’t enforced -testament to the laid back ‘live and let live’ attitudes found in RL & SL naturists. So if you are ‘textile’, or don’t wish to bare your bits, it’s still an experience you can, and should, enjoy.’

Edited to add….Ella….there’s a third scuba tour, hahaha, which takes in ‘the trippy tunne’, and ‘the round room’. But I ain’t telling you where it is! Maybe if you fix up that tour with Tess, she’ll show ya! Love, Pookes 🙂

Coming soon!

scuba advertscuba advert2The words in the photos say it all. Areola, who I promised was back with us a while back, has filed her first report, on the Scuba Tours at Tess’s ‘Naked Dreams’ island (part of the Eden Naturist Estate). And it’s a stunning series of photos, testament to Tess’s building skill and attention to detail, something that is a constant feature right across Eden.

I won’t give too much away just yet, but I’ve got it largely assembled, and am just waiting for a few more photos to arrive, as Areola promised, before editing up the final piece. I hope I can publish tonight (Friday), but if not we’ll run it over the weekend.

And I’ve now got a bit of a backlog of posts, with others lined up from Barbara, and a new-look Pookes (again, Pookes? You tweak as much as I do! 🙂 ) Diane has some marvellous photo essays done. And finally, after hoping for such an event for much of the life of SLN, we’ll be unveiling a new, male staff writer, who’ll maybe give us a guy’s perspective on naturism, in and out of SL. Looks like everyone has been busy, barring Harry, currently snowed under a mountain of RL work commitments.

Oh, and I got both of my RL naturist holidays booked today, so watch out for more ‘Postcards from Spain’ on two occasions later this year.


scuba advert2

Naturist Tropes (No.1)

A trope, in literature, is a ‘recurring theme’.

And I was thinking that there are also ‘naturist tropes’, recurring themes, scenes, events, occurrences that I see each time I’m off on holiday.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to run an occasional series in which we explore these themes, the things that simply happen despite a revolving number of holiday makers, some experiencing naturism for the first time. Explanation over, let’s dive straight in…

No.1 The first-time nervous naturist

An affliction that both sexes encounter, for different reasons. For the female, she had perhaps been a topless sunbather for some time, and already encountered all of the fears and insecurities regarding the baring of her boobs. Are they too big? Too small? Too saggy? Is one bigger than the other? Are my nipples too pink? Too brown? Are the areola too large? Too small?

Maybe she’s over that. In my experience most European females will have indulged in some form of toplessness by the time they’re 20, certainly. Maybe they’ve been doing it all their lives. Only occasionally will you see the shy girl for whom it remains a big deal. And generally she’ll get over it with, with gentle encouragement from her friends, boyfriends or whoever. And in some case the insecurity of teenage is all-consuming. Often you’ll see ‘Mum’, happily topless or even fully nude, while teenage daughter wrestles with the insecurities of teenage and the straps on her bikini bra. More amusingly, you occasionally see a naked and unconcerned ‘Gran’ swimming or sunbathing naked while her teenage grand-daughter is filled with self-doubt. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

But she still has to confront the bigger obstacle, losing her bikini briefs. Often, women of all ages will happily go topless and never go fully nude. And in a naturist setting, you’ll see those first-timers for whom this is the crossing of the Styx. Yep. It’s the bridge between ‘the earth’ as she’s previously known it, and ‘the underworld’ (certainly the ‘unknown’) of total, public nudity.

And so for the first couple of days she may remain wedged into her bikini briefs. Not just nervous teenagers, but nervous women of all ages.

And some will nervously strip off to sunbathe face down and, when rolling over, pull themselves into a sitting position so best to hide their exposed genitals. Some will sunbathe nude, and pull on bikini briefs to walk to the sea for a swim, then take them off again when they return to their towel. And, regularly, I see women walk, in the briefs, to the water’s edge, only to return, nude, with said briefs in their hand! Why? I’m not sure. I guess that there are times when the power of the waves are pulling their briefs this way and that, and suddenly it makes sense to go without. And at other times it may be that they slip them off in the water, realise what an enjoyable feeling naked swimming is, and decide enough’s enough; they’re going to go fully nude.


A familiar scene at a naturist beach. A woman enters the sea in her bikini briefs, and removes them on exiting the water.

towel a

Mercedes models Muschi’s L$1 tanlines (as a tattoo layer)

towel b

Mercedes models Muschi’s ‘front only’ towel. With use of the correct pose, it could be made to look as if it was being held in place.

towel c

Mercedes wearing the ‘front only’ towel from Muschi, a rear view.

I specifically asked Mercedes to provide a rear view of the ‘front only’ towel because, keeping the ‘nervious first timer’ theme in mind, I once witnessed a young Mum going through that very nervous, quite evidently nude debut moment herself. With a towel clasped in place over her front, she was filming her husband and two young children in a pool at a naturist place we were holidaying at, and clutching firmly at it with her elbows down to hold it there as she filmed. She seemed unconcered at her rear being bare in public. As she continued to film, and clearly feeling herself enjoying the experience, suddenly the towel dropped away and she was naked in public for the first time. Her husband, still in the pool with the children, glanced over and gave her the greatest grin of approval I’ve ever seen. And with that, her nervousness, self-doubts and feelings of insecurity were gone. I didn’t see her holding the towel for the rest of the holiday.

For males, well, they’ve been exposing their nipples their entire lives! So ‘topless’ has never been an issue. But what about that moment when they drop their shorts for the first time? My view is that males can and do embrace public nudity a little more readily than females. Why? I don’t really know, other than maybe they’re more used to it, in sports changing rooms and thus the concept isn’t wholly alien, even if in a single sex environment.

But you can still observe the nervous male, his nervousness almost solely coming from his worry that he doesn’t ‘match up’ to the other men. Is his penis small? Average? Large? I’d say that those guys who are quietly confident about being ‘above average’ will often confidently strip off because they’re proud of their equipment and want everyone to share a sense of how well-endowed they are. And yes, this would be the case in genuine naturist environments as well. The less well-endowed maintain a sense of nervousness in case they don’t measure up to expectations. The odd thing is that female naturists aren’t desperately focused on male genitalia. Someone who keeps in shape and who is well-toned, regardless of penis size, will tick more boxes for women.

howie and rick_001b

A couple of my male friends, Howie and Rick, both confess to modelling their avis on their real selves, right down to ‘equipment size’. (Both are European, and Howie is circumcised while Rick is, more typically for Europe, not). Both are also committed RL naturists. So I asked each of them about their experiences of their public debut as naturists, and in particular how they felt about their ‘equipment’.

‘I’d no sense of shame about size’, confesses Howie. ‘I was maybe a little more embarrased by looking different in being circumcised, until I realised that some naturists are circumcised, but in Europe most are not. While in a minority, I did see other guys who were also circumcised, so I don’t feel like I was totally isolated in that regard. To be honest, when I made my public nudity debut, I had booked it because I’d been unwell for a period of time, was confined to the house, wasn’t working following surgery and just sat around getting fat, hahah! We booked a sunny holiday just for the experience of lying in the sun for a fortnight, and I was probably more ashamed that I was out of condition, carrying a bit of a belly and all that. I wasn’t bothered about size, even though I’m maybe average or below average in that regard.’

And what of Rick, who acknowledges that, by contrast he’s maybe ‘above average’ in that regard (although how we quantify ‘average’ is anyone’s guess)? ‘I just stripped off. That was it. Wasn’t remotely embarrassed. I don’t, incidentally, look at other males and think ‘oh, I’m so much better than him’. I think we all carry other insecurities anyway. I hate the shape of my ears, I have a bump in my nose as a result of having it broken when I was a kid, my teeth aren’t perfect. So if I was measuring myself against other guys, the size of my penis wouldn’t be the thing I’d fixate on, or thinking ‘Your girl would be better off with me’. I’d be looking at guys in the sense of ‘he’s better looking than me, I can see why his girlfriend is just gorgeous’. Something like that. No, I don’t get hung up on it. Anyway, I think in genuine naturism the over-riding factor is always ‘how interesting are they?’, male or female. I’ve met stunning girls who don’t have two brain cells to rub together, met Mumsy types who have simply magnetic personalities. Maybe she’s a bit overweight, not stunningly beautiful, but I know I’d prefer to spend time with her than the one who looks like the supermodel, because the Mumsy, frumpier woman has sparkling conversational skills and a winning personality. In a naturist setting I’m still not focusing on their boobs or whatever. I want a sharp intellect and a sense of humour. Looks aren’t part of the deal.’

Both guys, then, suggest didn’t feel any sense of nervousness in their public, nude debut, at least regarding penis size. Which, let’s face it, is the core issue in going publicly nude for men and women alike, exposure of the genital area.

I haven’t, yet, commented on the awkward female who also goes through a ridiculous number of stages on the way to full nudity. I know. I was that female! Face down, bikini strap undone. Still face down, bikini done up again, a movement that I suggest defies all sense of human movement. Then the strap undone, hands holding the bra cups in place and the shoulder straps hanginf free. And now the entire back gets some sun! Then the half-way house of bikini top finally off, but a ‘hand bra‘ liberally used to keep those boobs covered. But maybe there’s a second or two when a boob does say ‘hello’ to the general public. Accidentally, often. Deliberately, as a sense of daring rises, occasionally. Then the moment when they finally make their first public appearance. A lot of looking down. A lot of nervous looking around. A lot of towel use from time to time to re-cover them. And then a period of sitting at a sun lounger, boobs bared. Then, finally, the confidence to walk to the water’s edge, play some beach tennis or volleyball fully, properly topless.

And we haven’t even got to the point yet where our intrepid female is going to tackle the bikini briefs. Maybe we’ll leave that for another day. After all, that’s the timescale often involved in losing the wretched, wet, clingy things. 🙂

Credits: Towel & panties down clothing (between L$90 & L$110), and tanlines (L$1) at Muschi. (also on the marketplace).


Fab Free and the rain in Spain

I do love the Fabulously Free blog, a goldmine for newbs and experienced avis alike, with a dedicated team of top notch writers bringing news from around the grid, mostly on clothing, daily. So if it’s mostly about clothing, why would a naturist be checking it out each day? Well…even naturists need clothes sometimes. You’ll always need a sarong, a bikini sometimes for that trip to and from the beach, there’ll be a plethora of accessories stuffed in your bag. And I know we’ve used Fab Free as a valuable resource in researching this type of thing.

Equally important are the fact that Fab Free blog poses and also reference locations. Again,those are essential components for ours, and any other ‘textile’ (i.e. non naturist) avatar. So I was delighted to read Love Trill’s posting ‘The Rain in Spain‘. Yes, it does rain in Spain. Sometimes violently so, as Love references in her post. Now, Spain is wonderfully sunny a lot of the time (my friends report the Mediterranean coast is currently in the mid-teens, temperature wise, which in my part of the world sometimes passes as a summer’s day!) and there’s no greater thing than to be in the sun, naturist or not, eating al fresco, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing with the kindle. And yes, it looks like I’ll still be on my Game of Thrones kick on the Kindle by the time my first naturist holiday or 2014, booked yesterday, rolls around. But when it rains….oh, boy…Spain can be dreary, simply because it’s all geared to outdoors living. In fact, it can be duller than Scunthorpe on a wet bank holiday!

Thankfully, these are rare, but I do recall us sitting on the beach a couple of years ago when a few drops of rain fell out of a blue sky. And, almost as one, the entire beach (apart from myself and Mr. Keng) gor up and left. The tiny, tiny cloud that crossed the face of the sun had passed in about two minutes, and quite frankly I’d have got more of a soaking if Mr. Keng had poured the last of his bottle of water over me. But there we were, alone. For well over an hour!

On another occasion I recall, it did tip down for most of the day, from around 1000am until mid-afternoon. There was nothing else to do put put some clothes on and shelter in our apartment with our books. But these are rare moments.

Still, Love has managed to capture the spirit of a Spanish downpour in her post. Yes, quite violent thunderstorms develop in the Med, and thunder and lightning can accompany heavy downpours. It’s possibly worse in the Balearic Islands, as you’re set in the middle of the Med there, and there’s zero land between you and Africa, but the lightning out at sea is sometimes spectacular, and a holiday experience in itself.

Love’s post comes from Puerto Banus Beach, nominally set at Marbella, and if the sim builders are from that part of the world, then they’ve insinctively added rain, thunder and lightning as part of the gig. They just know how accurate that element of the weather is. Indeed, I’m always impressed where sims do have changeable weather. Occasional rain adds a bit of realism, as opposed to relentless sunshine.


Setting the light to ‘midnight’ brings out the rain in its fullest effect


Whoo-hoo! I managed to capture a bolt of lightning come to earth behind me! Looks great!


On the basis that you’ll all be sick of looking at me, constantly, in recent posts, and no-one else was available to pose or photograph on this Thursday morning, I’ve opted to utilise my rarely used alt ‘Eve’ and had to take the photos myself, so they aren’t as spectacular as Harry’s, Diane’s or Love Trill’s are. But I hope they do capture a feeling of a Spanish downpour, and the run to reach shelter when these thankfully rare downpours take place.



Thanks to Love Trill for her original posting. No infringement on copyright is intended.


The ‘To the Lighthouse’ Trilogy (Part 3)

lighthouse10 lighthouse11 lighthouse12 lighthouse13 lighthouse14 lighthouse15

(Credits: First three photos, Brenda Hoisin and Ella at the new SLN office presence at Eden Naturopolis, 4th photo of Ella on top of the lighthouse, taking in the view, and the last two of Ella and Pookes at the SLN office. All photos by Ella Keng)

Finally, in this ‘trilogy’ of sorts, I’ve added some photos of Brenda and myself at SLN’s new Eden Naturopolis office presence. And, oh yeah, the conversation struck up in the first place because Brenda had let me know that a photo I’d credited as her and Elbag wasn’t them! As a result of that, I’m happy to put the record straight by adding a photo, given to me by Brenda, of her and Elbag. Apologies for any confusion caused, to readers and Brenda & Elbag alike!

I couldn’t be more pleased to have a presence at Eden, and with a bit of inworld presence at naturist sims, it should hopefully mean I can meet more SLN readers and more SL naturists as well. Remember…I want to know what makes you tick. What do you like about naturism? What got you into naturism? What do you want to see, both from SLN and the naturist sims we all use in the future? And even if you don’t catch me online, it’s the easiest thing to drop me, Ella Keng, an IM, or stick a reply onto one of the posts and I’ll get back to you pronto-ish. Alternatively, IM Pookes (second life avatar name Eva Pookes) instead. I think, between us, we’re probably on SL, at least part of the day, most days.

Well….back to the grindstone (it’s not that hard, really!) as I’ve got another evening and day off to enjoy, and I want to maximise it by covering as much SL naturist related news as I can before another hectic period of RL stuff. I’ll either catch you in world, or on some of the subsequent SLN posts.


nb: first slurl hyperlink leads to the lighthouse, and the SLN office. Next two slurls are to the central rotunda at Eden.

The ‘To the Lighthouse’ Trilogy (Part 1)

“What is the meaning of (Second) life? That was all- a simple question; one that tended to close in on one with years, the great revelation had never come. The great revelation perhaps never did come. Instead, there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark; here was one.” 
― Virginia WoolfTo the Lighthouse

In the summer of 1911, Virginia Woolf visited her friend, the young poet Rupert Brooke, at the Old Vicarage in Cambridge where Rupert Brooke lived with a group of friends. During her visit, Virginia and Rupert decided to swim naked together one night in Byron’s pool, a weir pool at the River Cam where Lord Byron used to swim when he was a student at Cambridge.

The incident was documented in a biography about Rupert Brooke published in 1964:

“It was the end of August. Virginia Stephen arrived at the Old Vicarage and occupied Ka’s bed on the other side of the house. The garden room was strewn with scraps of Strindberg, pages of Bland Vassen and fragments of verse. Probably the guest had brought with her an early chapter of ‘The Voyage Out’ to revise while Brooke was reading or writing stretched out on the grass. One warm night there was a clear sky and a moon and they walked out to the shadowy waters of Byron’s Pool. ‘Let’s go swimming, quite naked,’ Brooke said, and they did.”

Brooke mentioned the pool a few years later in his poem “The Old Vicarage, Grantchester”:

“Still in the dawnlit waters cool
His ghostly Lordship swims his pool,
And tries the strokes, essays the tricks,
Long learnt on Hellespont, or Styx.”

Yesterday, was, with apologies to Virginia Woolf, misquoted in the first sentence, above, one of those days where ‘What is the meaning of Second Life?’ received an answer.

I was inworld, for a change, and popping around the various naturist sims, when I got a call from Brenda Hoisin, co-owner at Eden. Now, Brenda and I have been attempting to meet up, and missing each other for…a year or so? Anyway, this time we were both free long enough to meet up, take a carriage ride through Eden and discuss a little bit of business, or essentially receive an offer, a very generous offer, from Brenda.

How would I like an SLN office outpost at Eden? I’d be delighted, frankly. Thrilled. And a hundred other exclamations of delight. As some of you who frequent Su Casa may know, we’ve already got an inworld presence there, at the lighthouse. And here was Brenda offering me space at the Eden lighthouse! Synchronicity or what?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’ve got an inworld presence at Eden, for SLN, now, and if you’re tp’ing into Eden, and spot me in world, be sure to give me a shout!

And from that one meeting, a whole raft of ideas came tumbling forth. In fact, when I rolled over in bed this morning before 6.00am, I jerked into full wakefulness, mind turning over with a bunch of ideas. I had to get up, scribble ideas down, and then log in to commence work on them. I’m not about to divulge them all yet, as several have arrived fully formed while others still require smoothing out, but it has given SLN a whole fresh impetus. Some of these ideas are going to be ‘behind the scenes’ and won’t be noticeable at all, although I’ve already spent most of the day organising and re-organising stuff in the virtual filing cabinets of the computer.

The first idea -the backbone to this post- was to pull together a ‘lighthouse’ themed post. Word went out this afternoon to Diana (Harry’s probably mid-flight from central Europe as we speak) and she’s responded in magnificent fashion. Not available due to work commitments for a good while now, but then free and chilling in SL at just the right moment. Synchronicity, again! And once I had the ‘To the Lighthouse’ title, I immediately thought of Virginia Woolf, and in some dusty memory bank recalled she’d been a skinny dipper in the past. With whom, I didn’t recall, so I looked it up and it was Rupert Brooke, the English poet best known for his work from World War 1, and who died tragically early during the war in 1915 (from sepsis contracted from a mosquito bite, rather than from battle, although he remains a victim of the war anyway).

Diane delivered me the photo (below) of an attempt to replicate Woolf and Brooke swimming nude in the River Cam. (Many thanks to models Don and Heather for also entering into the spirit of it all and adopting period moustache and hair in a bun, a la Woolf, for the photo). Note, Cambridge and the River Cam have no SL presence, but Diane was still able to locate a Cam styled bridge at another SL university campus. Well done and thanks to her, too!

heather and don4_001b