Everything hurts!

OK…so a lovely family meal at an acclaimed Chinese restaurant last night, and then this morning I headed off to the gym, to work off last nights calories, and also begin to think about toning up for the summer.

I usually squeeze in an hour a week anyway, but I went mad today, ended up doing close to two hours gym work, and….ouch!

I can barely walk.

I’ve spent the afternoon in the armchair, and plans to give SL a bit of inworld time today have gone on hold. A long bath later the muscles feel marginally less sore, but I really don’t fancy sitting up in the study chair tonight when I can lie down 🙂

Anyway, I got Diane to grab a shot at the Eden gym, on the basis that a) I’m limiting time inworld today because b) flopping out in an armchair and conceivably drifting off to sleep seems like a plan this evening. And besides, I’ve featured in enough photos already this year, so I’ll step into the shadows for a couple of months.

diane eden gym_001b


I can feel my abs groan just looking at Diane’s pic!

Anyway…a bath in the morning, and a night’s sleep beforehand and I should be fit and raring to go, because I’m planning a Pookes-styled ‘surgery’ at Eden tomorrow evening, and again we’ll go on the basis that it’s 8pm, UK time (9pm CET).

And…why not….we’ll make it at Eden’s gym, as long as no one asks me to join them for virtual sit-ups!