Normal service resumes shortly…

Apologies for having to cancel a surgery at Eden last weekend. I ended up in bed for most of the week with the most appalling chest cold which left me short of breath, coughing, and with muscular pains that meant climbing stairs was next to impossible. I couldn’t believe how quickly it came on me, and just how debilitating it was for a few days. I’m still not over it but I’m glad to say I’m at least out of bed and mobile again. The only thing that was positive from it was I got to listen to a lot of new music (courtesy of Mr.Keng) on my iPod.

Anyway…normal service resumes shortly, with hopefully some posts appearing tomorrow (Saturday).

In the meantime, here’s a photo of my punky friend Jax, at Shameless beach, and sporting a radical hairstyle (long one side, shaved on the other) that she told me she’d picked up at the Wasabi Pills hair store. Apart from the hair, it’s a particularly impressive set of body piercings and I just love those boots!jax_001b