Battered by storms

I’ve been over at the Easy A sim with a remarkably plucky Doksie, who posed through a rain-storm as we attempted to re-create the current state of Britain’s weather!

Thanks to some weather phenomenon in the Atlantic, cold northerly air (manifesting itself in extreme cold in north America, to the extent that Hell froze over) is meeting warmer southerly air, and the jet stream (or is it ‘gulf stream’) is launching storm after storm at us.

There are upsides, from a photographic point of view, with some spectacular photos emerging of storms battering Britain’s southern coasts. However, if you’re stuck in it, the weather is appalling and has been since before Christmas. The English county of Somerset is practically under water, and there are no shortage of photos and videos of the storms hitting us again and again and again. The west country of England is now cut off by rail, and there’s no end in sight.

doksie rain_001b doksie rain3_001b doksie rain4_001b doksie rain5_001b doksie rain6_001b


Anyway, here’s hoping the storms end soon and the flood waters recede. My thoughts to all affected by this period of unique weather.

Many thanks to Doksie who braved the wind and rain to pose for me 🙂


British Naturism

OK, after years of simply not being bothered (i.e. the entire length of my now almost two decade long love of naturism) I signed up and joined British Naturism.


In terms of ‘organisation’, naturism is probably in decline to an extent. Younger people don’t join clubs, not because they’re more conservative or shy than their parents and grandparents generation, but because ‘organisation’ isn’t what it’s all about. To them, ‘naturism’ is the opportunity to simply go naked at a beach if they choose to, without the need for rules, membership fees or anything else. And to some extent it’s a battle already won, by their parents and grandparents, to ensure that their right to be naturist exists.

Today, many many countries have naturist beaches, swim nights, campsites, hotels that exist unremarked. That said, it’s a hard won fight, and one that could just so readily be eroded unless we continue to band together and create a platform for our hard won rights. Many years ago I would probably have needed a British Naturist card (or International Naturist Federation card) to even gain entry into a naturist event. To some degree, that remains the same and would almost certainly be the same for my husband were he to decide to take in a swim night in another part of the country while on business and unaccompanied by me.

A side benefit of membership, for SLN purposes, will be that we can keep on top of forthcoming events. As SLN has evolved, we’ve tried to reflect RL naturist activity and place it in a SL context, so hopefully we will be able to further identify events and reflect them in the blog. I’ve already spotted that BN are doing a holiday in El Portus, in Spain, and I’m/we’re tempted! I’ve never been to El Portus and it’s something I’d like to experience.



Heroes of naturism: Carina Moreschi, brazilian naturist.

Hop on over to the google books brazil site and you’ll find an article (in Portuguese) about the quite well known Brazilian naturist Carina Moreschi.

You will also find a video of her (again, in Portuguese, but with English subtitles) here, explaining in a beautiful and simple way what naturism and naturist living means to her.


Carina and friend…she’s a wonderful ambassador for Brazilian naturism, and naturism in general.

Check out, if you use it, her Facebook page, and also her contributions on the brasilnaturista web site.

What makes her a hero to us is that she walks the walk as well as talking the talk, and when she does talk it is often to define naturism in such clear, simple, logical ways as to leave the unvoiced question hanging in the air, ‘and can you explain to me exactly why you do wear clothes?’

Carina, I think, is also active around one of Brazil’s most famous naturist beaches, Praia do Pinho.

While you can find many photographs of Carina and other Brazilian naturist activists around, I asked Diane to replicate the one below, in the time honoured tradition of us replicating RL in SL.