Taking a ‘break’ (again)

Unlike models Anton and Biggi, we won’t be kicking back with wine on a sunlit evening terrace.

I’ve got numerous posts lined up, and we’ll be going into another of our regular posting frenzies from Thursday night this week (which just happens to coincide with me having a few days off! 🙂 )

I’ve got quite a bit of behind the scenes work to do, and I know both Pookes and Barbara have posts lined up too. Harry and Diana have also loaded my email with quite a number of photos, so I’m going to be spending some time getting these all into some sort of order between now and the end of the week, so don’t epxect any further posts until then.

anton wine2&biggi3_001b


This weekend I will, I promise, do that ‘Eden surgery’ I promised prior to falling ill, and I’m working on a little bit of a blog ‘tweak’, although whether or not it goes live at the weekend is anyone’s guess.

See you then!


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