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I’ve not been contributing much lately. If you’re an SL regular, you’ll know that feeling. Sometimes RL simply swamps you. And ‘swamp’ is an appropriate word!

You might have read Ella’s postings on the storms that have battered the UK in recent weeks. I was ‘victim’ to them, although I thankfully got off much lighter than many others. Our garage, set on the hill to the side of our house, was flooded, and we did lose electricity to our house for several days and some of our ‘white goods’ (our freezer, washing machine and tumble drier) were all lost to the water, alongside much of the remainder of the contents of the garage…lawnmower, etc.

Anyway, life goes on.

diane camera_001b diane camera2_001b diane camera3_001b


The house is largely back to normal now, and SL time can return 🙂 Hoorah!

The only ‘upside’ to the flooding around us (we’ve not been affected this last, awful week) is that the RL camera was being used a lot, and the local paper even printed a couple of my shots. Clearly, it would have been better that I didn’t achieve this local ‘fame’, and that I and my neighbours hadn’t suffered in any shape or form, but to get things in perspective many others are suffering in a much greater way.

I’m looking forward to getting back to SL regularly in the weeks that are coming. I look forward to seeing you!


Editorial update

I hope you’re all enjoying Daphne’s look on how to fill a suitcase, specifically for a naturist holiday -cool and sexy evening wear, mostly- but with clothes that will also suit ‘textiles’ (clothes wearing holiday makers). I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings us, and how we fill that suitcase, over the next few months. I’ve already spotted a couple of items that really would suit my own RL ‘naturist suitcase’, that chemise in particular. Yes, I know it’s not ‘naturist’, but for anyone who has ever been on a naturist holiday, the sense of ‘evening glam’ should certainly resonate because we -naturist ladies- do love a bit of glamorous dressing up in the evening. I’ve already laid aside a folder in my inventory specifically to store the said items I particularly like, and when I get out to Spain, for real, in June I’ll endeavour to wear them in some of the ‘postcards’ posts I’ll be offering, just to reflect my RL naturist holiday evenings and, if Daphne gets around to it, beach wear as well. As I’ve said, often, it’s not naturism 24-7 even on a naturist holiday. That chemise Daphne showed would be typical nightwear for me…or more accurately, typical early morning wear. Until the sun gets up and going, the mornings can have a bit of a chill to them, and so terrace breakfasts often require something to be put on.

In other news, I’m going to be holding my first ‘surgery’ on Monday night, at Eden, at our office, and immediate surroundings, and as promised I’m going to try to make it a ‘late night’ one, in the hope that more of our north American friends and readers can drop by. So that will commence at 11pm (UK time) on Monday evening, and go on until…I’m falling asleep, basically. Midnight, 1am, 2am…I’m not putting a time on it!

Let me draw your attention to the graphic (below) currently doing the rounds on several naturist tumblr sites, and brought to my attention by Harry.


What do you think? An accurate reflection? It’s hard to tell just how accurate the figures might be, it would depend on the size of the poll, and the age-range, and other factors.

My interpretation is (and always has been) that pubic topiary, or removal, has been driven by the porn industry, where shaving made for more graphic movies. And my interpretation is that women, and men too, have been led sheep-like to follow a fashion, follow a trend. This is strange from a naturist point of view, as to why so many of us have slavishly followed a fashion trend. Surely naturism is about being an individual, not being someone driven by the fashion (and certainly porn) industries.

Is pubic hair doomed? Will the wheel come full circle? I’d love to hear your opinions on the pubic hair issue. Maybe it’s something we can talk about at the surgery on Monday night.

See you then?


My naturist vacation suitcase (3)

I know I said that this would be a collection of freebies and dollarbies, but Java Fashion does has some sexy, vacation evening wear that looks fabulous, and a bunch of wonderful looking outfits are worth the L$200 group joining fee.

You may, or may not, choose to join it. Thankfully there’s a sexy, revealing L$0 outfit also out right now, which I think would suit the premise of this series well.

See below for the various outfits available, either free, or through the ‘group gift’ boards, below.

pearl appeal1_001b_Fotor pearl appeal2 without trousers2_001b


This is the ‘Pearl’ free outfit. A little more revealing, particularly from the front, I’ve blurred the top photo, and cheated a little I guess, because there was too much boob on display for my liking, lol.

formal dress jazz club4_001b formal dress jazz club5_001b formal dress jazz club7_001b

The next two outfits are ‘group gifts’, a L$200 joining fee is involved, but highly suitable for evening entertainment wear. 

I’ve located myself in a couple of SL’s jazz clubs, as they seemed to suit that vibe.


Finally, a chemise (L$35) also available from Java, that seems ideal nighwear for sultry vacation nights, or as a ‘little white dress’ for dancing in the evenings.

Hopefully you’ll see something sexy to wear in the evening after a lazy day’s sunning on the beach!


My naturist vacation suitcase (2)

Lara Hurley Skins have a Valentine’s Day skin out (free group join, L$0 for the skin), so if you like the look of this one for your naturist suitcase, hurry along before its gone.

daphne lara hurley skin_001b daphne lara hurley skin2_001b

Thanks to the generosity of my new colleagues, I’ve received a folder of naturist locations I mostly didn’t know about, so I found this log at Su Casa Naturist to pose, and to get stripped down to a bikini. (Su Casa is, from what I can determine, more ‘clothing optional’ than demanding of full nudity). Reading back over the blog it’s clear that Ella is baffled why skin designers will censor skin photos. I agree it’s better to see the full effect of a skin whilst fully nude, and I’d certainly do that myself, in private, when buying new skins (and I’m a bit of a skin junkie, as you’ll find out).

However, I’m not particularly disposed to getting my boobies (or anything else) out in SL public, so it was a bit of a nervous photoshoot at Su Casa to even discard my bikini top. Thankfully no one was around, so I got away with it 🙂 Yes, it’s probably a cop-out, posing in a bikini at a naturist location, but I’m just not at the point where I’m going to show full-skin off yet. Maybe later, maybe not. Anyway, it’s a nice pale (but not alabaster) skin that would be very reflective of many of us at this time of year, devoid of tan, so it suits me to wear this skin until the weather warms up, the sun adds some heat to itself, and we can begin to think about getting a little colour into our skins.


My naturist vacation suitcase (1)

We’re starting a new ‘series’ today, and introducing a new writer to the staff, albeit in a temporary capacity.

Daphne has been around SL for quite some time, isn’t naturist, and is more inclined to be seeking out bargains -freebies and dollarbies- than hitting the naturist beaches. An aspiring writer, with plans for -eventually- her own blog, we thought she’d be perfect in a certain capacity. We’ll hand you over to Daphne to introduce herself, and to explain the thinking behind this brief (now until June) series.



Hi! I’m Daf, or Daphne, and as Pookes has said, I’m not a SL (or RL) naturist. So what am I doing on this naturist blog? Looking back through the blog you’ll find that the ladies will regularly reference how naturists will ‘dress up’ in the evenings, often in flowing, airy gowns and sometimes sexy, slightly revealing costumes. I would say from experience that this is also a familiar tale at non-naturist vacation locations, where the bikini is cast aside as evening approaches, and a bit of dressing up in advance of an evening meal, entertainment and dancing is part of the deal.

With that in mind, my brief is to source what I imagine will be a heaving suitcase, with a different costume for each night of the vacation, and all quite glam and glitzy. And the brief is to make it sexy and cheap. That’s ‘cheap’ in a sense of freebies and dollarbies, not ‘trashy’.

As Ella has explained, her previous experience on another blog helped her with the writing of this one, and so there’s a sense of me serving an apprenticeship on SLN before, over the summer, creating my own fashion blog. So I’d like to say thanks to Ella and Pookes for giving me the chance to write and I hope I don’t let either of you down.

I’m going to kick off with this Boho styled dress, currently available at the ‘With Love’ fair. Priced at L$0, I imagine it’s a light and airy number, very summery, that will be cool on hot summer nights.

daphne boho dress2_001b


Looks good, yes?

I’ll try to provide regular additions to the suitcase between now and June. And you never know, I might even have to try the SL naturist experience for myself somewhere along the line! Who can tell?