The female photographer

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I’ve not been contributing much lately. If you’re an SL regular, you’ll know that feeling. Sometimes RL simply swamps you. And ‘swamp’ is an appropriate word!

You might have read Ella’s postings on the storms that have battered the UK in recent weeks. I was ‘victim’ to them, although I thankfully got off much lighter than many others. Our garage, set on the hill to the side of our house, was flooded, and we did lose electricity to our house for several days and some of our ‘white goods’ (our freezer, washing machine and tumble drier) were all lost to the water, alongside much of the remainder of the contents of the garage…lawnmower, etc.

Anyway, life goes on.

diane camera_001b diane camera2_001b diane camera3_001b


The house is largely back to normal now, and SL time can return 🙂 Hoorah!

The only ‘upside’ to the flooding around us (we’ve not been affected this last, awful week) is that the RL camera was being used a lot, and the local paper even printed a couple of my shots. Clearly, it would have been better that I didn’t achieve this local ‘fame’, and that I and my neighbours hadn’t suffered in any shape or form, but to get things in perspective many others are suffering in a much greater way.

I’m looking forward to getting back to SL regularly in the weeks that are coming. I look forward to seeing you!


5 thoughts on “The female photographer

  1. Sorry to hear of your lose and hardships and those of your neighbors as well. We do look forward to seeing and hearing more from you. Have great nude day !

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