A date for your diary



Remember! I’ll be in world, tomorrow night, at Eden, for the first of my ‘surgeries’, where you can quiz me about SLN, plans for the future, and what you like and don’t like about the blog. Starts at 11pm UK time (3pm SLT, or 6pm? on the east coast of the US…I think we’re five hours ahead! 🙂 ) and I’ll keep it going until I’m falling asleep or you’ve all got bored…

And in other news…let me know if the photos on the blog aren’t displaying properly. I’ve noticed in the past couple of days that the photos sometimes don’t display correctly when I post them. I’m not wure if this is a wordpress fault, or I need to re-set something on my computer. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the former, but I’d appreciate feedback if you aren’t getting photos displayed correctly. Thanks. See you around this time tomorrow!


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