Technological advances.

I live rurally. Not ‘out in the wilds’ or anything, but I’m not cheek by jowl with neighbours either. And we picked the house, its relative isolation and so on because it can and does afford us the opportunity for some back garden naturism. And if truth be told, front garden naturism if I cared enough, such is the relative solitude and only occasional car going up and down the road outside. So far, so good.esme_001b esme2_001b


Model Esme enjoys a wild meadow garden, much as Ella does in RL.

On the downside, we’re also isolated technologically speaking. Our internet has been coming down the telephone wires. But a few months ago the road was dug up and our houses were wired for fibre-optic cables. The result? I can now get faster internet access, for half the price. So I’ve signed up for it and hopefully we’ll be hot-wired at the beginning of March. Can’t wait!

And the reason I can’t wait is that SL can sometimes be slow and clunky for me. Things take ages to rezz, and there’s no real pattern to what’s going to be a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day in relation to being inworld.

Hopefully that all changes soon, and I’m guessing there’s going to be a period in early March where I go inworld crazy. Now, I’ll kind of pick times when I think that the broadband speed will be kinder to my avatar, and avoid times when I think SL’s going to be frustrating. There’s no science to it. As I say, it can be totally random regarding internet speeds. I’m really hoping I can now think of popping into SL any time and fully enjoy the scenery, the builds, the colours. And maybe even adjust settings to have faster graphics delivery. Who knows?


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