The Naturist Vacation Suitcase (4)

Eek! You can see my boobs! 😦

I didn’t intend to be showing quite so much skin so quickly. I didn’t intend to be showing quite so much skin at all if truth be told.

But as today’s item for the Naturist Vacation suitcase is a skin, the current group gift at Al Vulo (L$0) I decided, big gulp and deep breath, to take my top off in order to show a bit more than intended, and show this loovely, innocent looking skin off to its full potential.

daphne al vulo skin2_001b daphne al vulo skin3_001b

There’s a slight difference between the photos, as I’m wearing (undershirt layer) something called a ‘minimiser’ that comes with the skin, and the intention, I think, is to alter the shading slightly to make boobs look smaller. Initially I’d have kept my bikini top firmly on, but as this layer has a specific function, I’ve bitten the bullet and opted to reveal, if not all, then a good 50% of all! *blush*


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