The Fabulously Free Photo Challenge

Read the Fab Free blog? You should.

It’s an essential daily stop-over for me -and I’m a guy!- because of the ideas it provides. Yes, I will freely admit that I regularly steal their linked locations, I bombard Ella for cash so that the models can buy poses, I contribute my own money to models’ poses, and send the girls who write for the blog landmarks constantly.

Fab Free does a ‘photo challenge’ twice a month, and the current one (until the end of February) is to ‘take an SL vacation and show us the results’.

I don’t want to make my comment ‘and I’m a guy’ sound like Fab Free is uniquely female orientated. Fab Free does more than its fair share of male items although, to be honest, I don’t buy a lot of clothes. I’m a staff photographer for a naturist blog, after all. Still, I do get to reluctantly drag on a pair of shorts now and again, wriggle into a tank top and slide my feet into sandals for a photo session in the odd ‘textile’ location. Why? Well, I do get asked to do the odd photo session -profiles, portfolios- for non naturist avatars.

Well, with a new model to encourage and photograph, our very own Daphne, I dragged her off to a session in order to, initially at least, take some ‘vacation’ orientated photos. And then after she went offline to write one of her blog entries I continued to take a few photos with a vague notion of entering them into the competition. There’s time yet! I might still do it!

Anyway, here they are…an example of what I do with SL photography when I’m not photography beautiful naturist avatars in SL.

daphne bike2_001b daphne bike5_001c daphne table2_001c daphne table3_001b

Of course, a few photographs of bicycles aren’t really what you check into SLN to see, so with the same vague ‘vacation’ theme in mind, I reverted to type 🙂

Sadly, while being pleased with the following photos, Fab Free have a ‘no naughty bits’ rule, so my usual type of photos aren’t generally suitable for their competitions.

Never mind. Here’s one of my usual type of photos to finish off with. Despite that, I still kind of like the bicycles 🙂 AND the type of photos I usually take (below)




The Naturist Vacation Suitcase (5)

I’m tremendously excited by today’s addition to the suitcase.

TP over to Ehr, join the group, check their back notices and snag this delightfully sexy lace dress for L$0.

Naturist or textile, this is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be popped into the suitcase for a night of dancing at your vacation hotel’s dance floor. And, incidentally, I’m delighted to have my clothes back on, lol!

daphne red dress4_001bdaphne red dress5_001bDaphne